My LFW Tech Kit

Olympus Pen E-PL7 | Caseable iPad cover | Macbook Pro |

As we plunge into LFW Day 2 (check my photos for the Topshop blog here, here, here and Day 1 trend piece – yes, it was a busy day!), I just wanted to show you the kit that’s allowing me to be a mobile reporter and photographer on the go… 

I’ve recently upgraded to a 13″ Macbook Pro and subscribed to Creative Cloud for Photoshop and Lightroom – suffice to say my production time has probably more than tripled on the photo editing front! Two cameras on my shoulder; because I don’t use a zoom I carry two with different fixed lens so I always have what I need to hand (I also carry a couple of extra lenses just in case, but I rarely use them!).

My iPad mini has proved indispensable – I’ve been using it do mega zippy blog posts (transferring via the Olympus Image Share app, editing in VSCOcam and then uploading and writing in the WordPress app). I also have a fabby voice recorder (thankyou Olympus for coming to my rescue in an LFW panic!) which is super easy to record interviews with – it’s actually good enough quality for musicians in the studio!

Yesterday, I set up camp for a couple of hours on the fantastic Olympus x Fashion Me London Media Lounge on the incredible roof terrace at the ME hotel to write and photo edit – here’s my little tech station and a candid of me hard at work, haha! – and suffice to say it was totally buzzing with fashion eds, bloggers, full-on-crazy-fashion types and the more corporate. Anyway, I’m off today for more madness and will be working will into the evening so wish me luck! Day 1 outfit post coming soon…

Ps. What’s missing from this little ensemble is my memory card reader for when I want to transfer to laptop – I’m always losing it! I also forgot to put in my camera battery chargers which I decided to take last minute too, which was a life-saver yesterday at 6pm…


13″ Macbook Pro | iPad mini in white in Caseable case* (my photo!) | Olympus Pen E-P5* | Olympus Pen E-PL7* | Olympus Pen LS-12 recorder* | Other stuff: Notebook & pen, hand cream*, phone charger cable


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  1. Thank you for this hands on post! Found it when I was searching for inspiration for flat lays to my new website (not up yet)

    I am just staring a podcast and this information was interesting anf useful.

    thank you!

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