Girliness Is Back

LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0751

In case you didn’t get the LFW SS15 memo, girliness is back next season with a bang – think pastels, ruffles and sexy gingham! Not something to shy away from. Re-purpose for the autumn by making it elegantly cool in a classic little black dress, just like we did at the recent LBD by LKB event (translation: Little Bennett Dress by L.K.Bennett!)…

Myself and a group of frankly quite incredible blogger ladies (Anna, Lucy, Freddie, Alex and Monica) were invited to a beautiful suite at the Thames-fronted Savoy hotel – its 2007 £220m restoration returning it to its exquisite, baroque totally over-the-top former glory; and its red chaise-longue lifts a favourite with Marilyn Monroe allegedly! – to celebrate L.K.Bennett’s gorgeous new range of little black dresses, launching today.

While gazing out at the incredible river view we were pampered on the hair, nails and make-up front all the while nattering and sipping champagne. I went for Blow’s ‘Day Look’ for the most natural looking amount of make-up, left my hair as it was (as I’m still in a bit of a new hair-do panic, I’d popped into George Northwood’s for a blow-dry and tong beforehand) and went for a hot pink on my nails.

LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0094

It was a little daunting, getting dolled up in front of all the other ladies in my beaded Ponza dress and suave shoes (I can’t even remember the last time I got so glamorous) but everyone was super friendly! We started off talking blogs and laughing over shoe-envy but soon were deep into champagne-fuelled anecdotes regarding relationships, love and marriage. Typically, but wonderfully, girly!

We eventually made it down to our private dining room in Kaspar’s restaurant (I totally recommend taking a peek inside, if just for the all the amazing egg-shell blue leather chairs and glitzy bar) where our menus, each with our names embossed at the top (had to keep mine!) were filled with a veritable feast of options. L.K.Bennett’s main gal Holly said she wanted us to have real food to eat, not fashion food! Suffice to say the lobster club sandwich was a big hit – I shared that and the sweet potato & goat’s cheese ravioli with Lucy as we were so desperate to try both – after a Thai fishcake starter and making sure to save room for an insanely delicious apple tart Tatin.

Our carriages (good ol’ Addison Lee) were waiting to take us home but it was so hard to leave; new friends, good vibes and great chat in a proud proclamation of glamorous girliness. A huge thanks to the L.K.Bennett team for such an incredible evening! In need of a new LBD? Check out the gorgeous new collection here!

lkbennettLBD-justinetrickett-3682lkbennettLBD-justinetrickett-3784LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0230LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0192 LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0098 LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0131

Face and nails just done, nattering to Alex as she tries to get some work done, sorry Alex!

lkbennettLBD-justinetrickett-3773LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0087LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0792

Here I am, all dolled up in my beautiful beaded Ponza dress and suede ankle boots

LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0662

First group shot upstairs in our suite – champagne smiles!

LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0601

Erm, spot the bloggers… with Lucy and Alex!

LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0867

Major sparkly silver shoe envy – Alex was wearing these!

LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0749

Check the insane birdcage behind me *want for home*!

LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0754 LKB LBD Kris Atomic -0987 LKB LBD Kris Atomic -1008LKB LBD Kris Atomic -1001LKB LBD Kris Atomic -1072

Pensive, oh so pensive…!

LKB LBD Kris Atomic -1086LKB LBD Kris Atomic -1094 LKB LBD Kris Atomic -1025 LKB LBD Kris Atomic -1042

This post was created in collaboration with the gorgeous ladies at L.K.Bennett and Pitch & Post

All photos by the super talented Kris Atomic and Justine Trickett.

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