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So the big news in the photography world is that the new Olympus Pen E-PL7, launched this month, is now available to buy. So what do you need to know about this little guy?

I’ve been using the E-PL7 for nearly just over a month now and absolutely love it! I use it interchangeably with its bigger brother, the E-P5 – a pretty life-changing experience for me in terms of photography – and now often find myself reaching for it as it’s even smaller and lighter.


First up, if you’re not familiar with the Olympus cameras the Pen is what’s known as a micro four thirds camera, which relates to the sensor size and is why the cameras are so wonderfully small. In the older days, the MFT sensor wasn’t considered up to scratch by serious photographers, but in recent years has come on so well, mainly down to Olympus, that all the nay-sayers are now changing their tune (see some mind-blowing MFT photography over at mu-43.com).

One of the best thing about these cameras is that you can change lenses; there are a wide range of MFT lenses to choose from, from Olympus and Panasonic and you can also use adapters with Canon & Nikon lenses. The flexibility of this system is incredible and means you can get all kinds of stunning results.



The E-PL7 is the latest of the E-PL– series. It has a better build quality than the previous models and boasts the brilliant built-in Wifi function which allows you to transfer photos direct to your phone (perfect for Instagramming) and use your phone or iPad as a remote control with viewing on screen – insanely useful for doing your own outfit posts. Basically this E-PL is the closest to the E-P5.

Performance wise, and also like its bigger brother the E-P5, the E-PL7 has the same core performance and capabilities of the much-feted (although much more functional looking, IMHO) Olympus OMD range; essentially the guts of these cameras are the same with 16MP sensor and 3-axis image stabilisation.

There’s also a handy, retro-looking dial on top (again, taking it closer to the E-P5) which you can set to alter ISO or exposure or whatever you like. Like the E-P5 there is no built-in viewfinder, although you can always get an add-on if this is a must for you (or if a built-in is non-negotiable you’d want to look at the OMDs, but I quite like the add-on one.) Plus the screen flips out in all sorts of angles – even all the way round for enabling selfies – and there are a couple of new art filters built-in as well.



  • You can touch the screen to focus and take photos. The Wifi allows you to connect with other people’s phones (if they download the app) so you can send them a photo immediately or you can just email from your own phone! I love the immediacy of this.
  • You can buy beautiful old Olympus manual lenses from eBay with wide apertures for beautiful bokeh.
  • You can buy adapters for around £10-£20 for other lenses you might like to use.
  • Everyone will stop and ask if you’re using a film camera and coo. A lot. Especially if you choose the silver & black, although the white is going down extremely well – I saw quite a few at LFW.)


And some suspended shots just to show you this little beauty in all its glory… also Sail camera strap from notonthehighstreet.com


The E-PL7 comes in at £499, with  the non-power zoom lens version at £399. I have a few 35% discount codes to giveaway, first come, first serve – so leave me a comment if you’re interested! And keep an eye out for a fun little photography tutorial I’m planning…

Anyway, I hope this little intro was of use – please comment or email me if you have any specific question (I love talking cameras!).

Stylonylon is one of the Olympus UK brand ambassadors and, as you can see, completely obsessed with the Pen system! 

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  1. Hi, I am looking for a new camera for work and I think you have just made my decision for me – thanks! It sounds absolutely perfect for me. I’d really love a discount code if you still have one available! Thanks, Katherine

  2. What a dainty but powerful piece of kit. I’d love to treat myself to one if you have a discount code, pretty please!

  3. You have convinced me!! I’ve been looking for a camera for ages now and over researching the subject! Let me know if any more discount codes, hope you and the family are well! xxxx

  4. Hello.

    I habe the E-PL5. Do you think that the E-PL7 is really an upgrade ? 100 ISO makes a diff. to 200 ISO ?
    Thank you for your reply

    1. Hi Frederic

      For me, the built in WIFI is a real game changer, but this is an extremely useful feature for me and what I do. Also I do find the build quality is a bit tougher/heavier, but again that is a personal preference perhaps? Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean in regards to the ISO – I don’t find a huge difference between 100 and 200 myself…

      1. But overall the EPL5, 6 & 7 are very similar models! It’s just which one is best tailored for the type of things you’re after… I think if you have the 5, unless you were super keen for the WIFI, there isn’t a need to upgrade…

        1. Thank you for your comment. I think the E-PL7 begins with 100 ISO and the E-PL5 with 200. I just wanted if you see a difference of IQ. I think the body desing (wheel behind, etc..) is bad on the E-PL5. I don’t like the wheel to go through the menu. It’s not good.
          I don’t know really if i should upgrade. Thx a lot again.

          1. Ah, I don’t think the difference is that much tbh, I usually have on either without too much thought to it. Yes, I think the design on the E-PL7 is better laid out. But if I was going to upgrade, then I might make the leap and go for the E-P5 which is pretty much the perfect camera and really not that much bigger… or spend the money on lenses instead – you could probably get both the 17mm 1.8 & the 45mm 1.8 for around the cost of the E-PL7…

  5. If you’d still have a discount code, I would be much obliged. I’ve been thinking about getting an Olympus since the spring, and ever since the fact that my big DSLR has become too much of a brick to lug around and I’m only taking pics with my phone anymore. So yes, I’d love one. Thanks so much!

  6. Hi
    I’m new to your blog (came via frugality) and also looking to buy a camera for up coming big birthday!! I love the look of the new Olympus. If you still have discount codes I would really appreciate one.
    Sarah recently posted…OLYMPUS PEN E-PL7 | THE SKINNYMy Profile

  7. Hi! I know it’s been a while but if you still had a discount I would love to use it! many thanks in advance, new here and love it 🙂

  8. Hello!
    I wanted to buy the e-pl7 for a while and I was waiting for Christmas… I just came across your blog now and although it’s been a while i was wondering if you still have any voucher available? 🙂
    Many thanks!!

  9. hey! i’m Sya and i’m 17. the aforementioned camera has just been released here in singapore and i’m deeply in love with it. was thinking of getting one but the salesman keep pressing on about how it couldn’t be compared to a DSLR, and why i should get a samsung instead. could you tell me about the pros and cons of getting this camera? i really want to get it but i needed much of an assurance. hope you could help me out :)x

    1. Hi Sya – this camera can get you DSLR quality results if you use the right lenses. Probably the kit lens isn’t going to get the same quality as the DSLR. You would want to look at getting maybe a prime lens like the 45mm or 17mm to get the kind of results you would with a DSLR. I use the Pen E-P5 for my blog photography, which is the the more advanced version of the E-PL7 and I totally get the DSLR style results I want by using good lenses… I don’t know the Samsung am afraid so can’t really advise against what that one can do… Basically all my photos on the blog are with the Pen E-P5 and Pen E-PL7 (I use them interchangeably), so you can see the kind of results you can get – but I am using prime lenses Olympsu 17mm, 45mm, 25mm and 75mm and not the kit lens – hope that helps!

      1. Hi, just found your blog at the weekend – great stuff! You recommended a few lenses above as an alternative to the kit lens; I was wondering which you think would be most suitable for shallow depth of field/bokeh shots, mostly portraits?

        Many thanks.

  10. Hi! I’m Jaleesa from the Netherlands. The last few days I have just been an addict to your blog eversince I found it. I just love it! And for a while I’ve been wanting to get a new camera but just couldn’t decide on wich one to buy but after visiting your blog it has really convinced me to get the pen epl-7 . Thank you . And I know its been a while but I was hoping that you might still have a discountcode left? I would love to use it. Again thank you!! x

  11. Hey! I know this is a bit far-fetched, but only just stumbled over your lovely insta-feed, which led me here! This camera is so perfect looking & sounds like it’s not just all style too..! 😀 If you do happen to still have a discount code going spare, I’d really love it! Thanks.. x

  12. Hi! I came across your amazing blog while planning a trip to Greece with my partner! I had been thinking about getting an Olympus pen for some time as it would be great to take pictures when travelling. Since seeing your blog I’ve finally decided to get the EPL-7. If there’s any chance that there is a discount code left, I would be really grateful to get one. Thanks! x

  13. Hello – I just found your blog via the Selfish Mother site and I’ve lost myself for hours in it! Truly beautiful stuff. This is so helpful re the Olympus and, if I’m not far, far too late to the party, a discount code would be very much appreciated x

  14. Hi, firstly I want to say how much I love your blog, the posts are really informative and the photos are incredible! I’m definitely sold on the Olympus. I am looking to get into photography to cultivate a new hobby for 2015 and if you have any discount codes remaining I would really appreciate your help to get me started. Thanks, Henry

  15. I know it’s a long shot, but I just discovered your blog and this post and I would be so grateful if you have any discount codes left, because I was actually researching this camera and that would be such a great help!

    Thanks for the inspiration! Hope to hear from you. -Amber

  16. Hi there! I found your blog through the olympus pen generation instagram account and love your content, and of course stunning photography. I have been looking into this camera for some time as I have been interested in finding an alternative to something lighter than my DSLR, especially for traveling. I would be much appreciative if you had any discount codes left to spare. Your blog post has been very helpful for me. Thank you!

  17. Hey! Just read this, and a few other blogs here too as a consequence, and love all the info on the EPL7! In fact, I’ve been researching this camera as a surprise for my gf (we’re about to spend a year travelling) and found this really handy. Then I saw the discount code bit and thought I had to drop you a line to see if there was any chance of you passing one on? No worries if not, you’ve already been most helpful. But if you do that would be BRILLIANT!



  18. Hi there!
    I found this post SO informative and helpful!

    I’ve been researching the Pen as my new camera and this has made the decision so much easier!

    I just have one question about what type of lens you might recommend me getting for fashion blog photography (maximum bokeh/blurry background?) Should I buy the body and kit lens together, and then invest in a 45mm or 50mm lens separately?

    I was thinking I might need another lens so I can take flatlays and close up shots also, or do you recommend I just buy the body and one lens separately, one lens that I should use for everything?

    Sorry if I’m not explaining myself well, Im not a photographer! (thats probably pretty obvious though!)

    Also, if you have any of those discount codes left I would be so so grateful for one, it would take a huge chunk off the price!

    Best wishes,
    Ciara x
    Ciara O’Doherty recently posted…Bardot Tops & Suede SkirtsMy Profile

  19. Hi !

    I just stumbled upon your blog when researching this camera and its beautiful!! Any chance you still have a discount code left? I’m from Canada so I don’t know if it’ll help at all? I’ve been researching a new camera for awhile now and I love this one! I’m not super camera savvy to get into the DSLR price ranges, but this seems like a good choice for me! What do you think?

    Thanks a bunch!

  20. Shame I missed you at the Topshop Event, but since coming across stylonylon I have been looking to buy a Pen.
    Thanks to you, I know exactly what to get!

    If there is still a discount code free it would be going to a very good home!… As will the upcoming much needed tutorial . Can’t wait! p xx
    Petra recently posted…pick of the pins: kidsMy Profile

  21. Oooh fab review, you’ve put the cherry on top of my decision to invest !!!

    I know it’s a long shot but do you still have a discount code available?

    Many thanks



  22. Hi,

    I’m new to photography and I’m interested in the Olympus PEN E-PL7 as after a lot of research as I *think* this would be a good camera for me to do both point and shoot, but also to grow into as I learn more (not to mention the fact it is a lovely looking camera!). I’m looking to use the cameras for two main purposes 1) Blogging (which is why it’s great to get some advice from a blogger!) and 2) To take nice portrait photos of my kids. The one thing I am a bit baffled about is the lens. Which is better to go for in my case the camera at £499 or the one £399? I understand they are both with a 14-42mm lens but what sort of photography is that good for? I’d love to produce high quality bokeh but am I right in understanding I need a different lens to the provided ones for this? I think I need something that is f/1.8 from reading elsewhere though this doesn’t mean much to me at the moment!!!

    Any help and advice greatly appreciated!

    Probably waaaay too late now but if you have any more 35% discount codes available that would be super!


    1. Hi Jo!! Ok, in short, it’s the same lens but the £399 is manual, you have to wind it out whereas the £499 is automatic, you press a button. For lovely blur, great for blogging & kids’ pics, the 45mm 1.8 is the answer. Gorgeous little lens! I can help with a discount, a little less though but drop me a line on stylonylon@gmail.com

  23. Evening,

    Ever since my girlfriend brought an E-PL7 I’ve been looking at blog reviews about them. I’ve finally admitted to myself that I’m jealous and should buy one, would it be possible to request a discount if they are still available.


  24. hi!
    i’d love to get it too, and i know i’m a little late, but i thought i’d ask anyway – do you still have a discount code?

  25. Hello, what a lovely little camera and a great review. I know I may be a littele late but I would love a discount code please if you still have any available. A camera like this would be a great addition for my blog photos. Thanks

  26. Hi there,
    I’ve recently purchased the pen 7, just wondering where you got your neck strap in the tan in your pics? I’d love one!!
    Gemma X

  27. Hi. I have read and loved your blog for a while for your style tips and through that started reading about your photography. Am now inspired to get a better camera and would love an Olympus. Hoping, if I ever get time with two little ones, to get more into photography and love that you can get different lenses for this model. I think I read in one of your posts that the standard lens the camera comes with is just ok. You’ve probably already said it, but which extra lens would you recommend starting with? I’m also very late to the game but if you had any discount codes left I would really appreciate it.

    1. Yes the kit lens is perfectly good to start with. Then when you’re ready the 45mm is a gorgeous portrait lens with lovely blur. Drop me a line on Stylonylon@gmail.com – should be able to help 🙂

  28. Hi I know im a couple of years late but I found your site through incessantly searching the epl7 and I am loving all the posts on it. I’ve been debating between this cam and the sony a5100, so I got my hands on a Sony to try out but I wasn’t really feeling it and the more I’ve come across this cam and its pics the more im loving it! I’d love a discount code if you still have one! And yes, sorry in my excitement I emailed you before commenting! I’m still kicking myself for not picking one up when it was on offer but I wanted a different colour and I was still undecided to be honest. But I’ve made up my mind now and your epl7 tips and tricks posts will come in handy when I get one someday! Thanks 🙂

  29. Hey, love this post and really helpful to me because I’m buying one this weekend and you’ve helped make my mind up so thank you! I know I’m slightly late but if you have any discount codes left that would be really great xx

  30. Hi! I am looking at buying one of these cameras and this blog is really helpful! I would like to know more about the differences between the original and the version with the non-power zoom lens..? I realise it might be too late for the discount code now but if you have any left that would be great! Thanks

  31. Hi, brilliantly helpful article, thank you! I’ve got a massive dslr but wanting to upgrade to something more portable so the pen sounds perfect! I wondered if you still had any discount codes please? Thanks so much!

  32. Hi, I’ve been eyeing up the olympus pen ever since I first saw it on your website, and I am now thinking of taking the plunge and buying it for some traveling I have planned this summer. I would really love a discount code if you have any left? Thanks 🙂

  33. Hi there, I am completely new to your blog, I must admit I found it after searching for more info on the Olympus PEN… I don’t suppose you still have any discount codes do you, please? I would love to purchase one for an upcoming trip but I’m slightly nervous about paying full price! Thanks ever so much! I’m ow off to have a rummage around your site! 🙂

  34. Hello, I’m thinking of getting this for my super stylish sister for her (big) birthday (ssshhhh – she follows you as well). Bit of a long shot as this is an old post, but do you still have a discount code? *fingers crossed*
    Thank you! PS love you on snapchat – always makes me smile 🙂

  35. Hello there,
    Im your new reader. Im thinking of buying olympus camera. If you still have the code, it’ll be very nice of you to share it with me. Cheers

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