Brave New Year

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It’s the day before and I feel like we’re opening the door on everything that’s new and exciting around the corner as 2014 morphs into 2015 – despite the bleak cold and rain…

Monumental but at the same time low-key. In your thirties, things come righter and more easily than they did before; you get better at relationships, carving out your niche in a world of work and creativity. Even entering the realm of parenthood and coming out the other end not too scathed or doo-lally. Well, maybe just a little bit!

I touched upon this yesterday; 2015 I’m hoping will be more of the same, perhaps a little more fine-tuned on the try-not-and-burn-yourself-out front. Relax but be more focused if that’s makes sense. There’s less time when kids come along and as much I’ve been a dreamer and a time-waster and strict schedules not my thing, I do want to make sure the things I do do contribute to a creative, achieving and healthy way of life.

The blog has been such a fantastic part of my world this last year and I’d just like to say a big thanks for coming along and reading and spending time on Instagram & Twitter with me. I hope to bring you more of the same, but better! Better photography and more food and travel. Any feedback on the bits you like, let me know!

So here’s to a fantastic New Year! Enjoy your celebrations however they evolve; we’ll be visiting friends and sharing the bells with family before hitting the sack at a reasonable hour (me at least!)…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMBoden | Baukjen | All Saints | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

⇑ Knit by Boden (in sale!)

⇑ Leather trousers by Baukjen

⇑ Boots by All Saints (out of stock)

⇑ Gloves by Etre

⇑ Hat by Lowie (oatmeal sold out, link is to black one)

Boden | Baukjen | All Saints | UK fashion blog | StylonylonOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My first long-exposure running water shot!

Boden | Baukjen | All Saints | UK fashion blog | StylonylonOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlackJumper7

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  1. Firstly, happy new year my lovely friend! Secondly, what an AMAZING water shot. Your blog continues to inspire me ( and makes me grab my camera too). see you next month for a big coffee catch up. xxxxx

    1. And to you! :)) Hehe, yes, love how it came out. Definitely, can’t wait to see you in the NY, let’s make plans! xx

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