East New Year Daily To-Dos

NewYearToDo1Going caffeine free 10 years ago is one resolution I’ve never given up on. But I’m not so hot on the rest. I like the little, easy ones; here’s my list of the ones you can just sneak to your daily routines…

Vitamins, Greens, Juicing & Apple Cider Vinegar ∴


I try to eat healthily, and on the whole I do pretty well. Apart from the occasional sugar binge via very dark chocolate. But again, I think everybody could do with a little extra boost. I’ve always taken a wide range of vitamins and always find myself running out of various bottles and forgetting to stock up. I really love the vitamin packs from Supplicity* – not only do the three pills cover about 95% of the things I would take normally, you can sign up to have your monthly dose delivered in tearable day-marked packets. Super convenient and from £18 a month. I’ve been taking Mojo for energy which incorporates a ginseng pill as well as loads of Vitamin C and B among other vitamins and minerals.

Add to that powdered greens, which is an easy health option. I tried UDO a few months ago, but didn’t get very far with it as it bunged up my system. I’ve since tried out The Super Elixir* by Elle Macpherson which, though pricey, works for me perfectly and always gives me a mega-boost. Probably with what I’m saving on vitamins via Supplicity I can afford the Elle greens!

I usually mix my greens in with a juice for a double whammy– I try to juice everyday, realistically I end up managing one 3-4 times a week. I always start with a base of 1 apple & 2 carrots and then throw in whatever is in the fridge – kale, ginger, garlic, celery, spinach etc. This is the one thing I see having an immediate effect on my skin… To top it all off, I’ve decided to take a daily dose of apple cider vinegar (undecided as to whether ‘The Mother’ is the really important bit – thoughts?). Believe it or not, I add a tablespoon to my morning tea and love it!

⇒ Make it a breakfast thing, vitamins and vinegar with your morning cuppa and juice if you have time or post yoga (see below)…

∴Oil Pulling, Face Massage & Lymphatic Drainage ∴


It’s a little bit on the kooky side, but the Ayurvedic dental practice of oil-pulling is one I think will reap the longterm benefits and I really enjoy. I’m a bit obsessive about oral hygiene and love the idea of swishing out all the bacteria and plaque with a 10-minute swizzle (well technically pulling the oil through and around your teeth with your mouth) of sesame (or coconut) oil around gums and teeth which also exercises your face muscles. Do before brushing teeth.

Face massage? Vanity really, I’m well into my 30s and painfully aware that things may start to change on the skin front. Although I’m a big fan of eye creams (the best I’ve found to date are Dahliana and Dr Perricone) I truly believe massage is probably the best bet longterm.

My eyes have been left quite puffy after about a month of being ill, so I googled some lymphatic drainage videos on You Tube which seem quite good. Focussed around the eyes, and doesn’t take too long. I’ve also kept a little leaflet from a Suqqu facial I had ages ago and while oil pulling I slather on some extra serum and go through the motions and acupressure points.

⇒ Slip these in before bed; between cleaning your face and brushing your teeth.

Yoga & Treatments  ∴


Just 20 minutes a day is the goal I’ve set myself for yoga. More bendy, peaceful of mind, slimmer etc, via online streaming (I love a 20-minute power session by Nico Luce). Plus it helps with my now-monthly migraines, which is also the reason I’ve started seeing a chiropractor (the brilliant Barny Lucas at ML Chiropractic in Fulham; who’s just started doing Wednesdays at Hackney Downs Studios) and has identified specific muscle weaknesses and compacted bits in my neck. General body wellness and care is the aim for me this year.

Occasional treatments like a facial or full body massage have always done the world of good for me – one of the best I’ve had recently is the Inner Strength massage at the Aromatherapy Associates treatment rooms, which uses hot stones and paraffin wax, super soothing and divinely indulgent at an hour and a half long.

Grabbing 20 minutes a day for yoga is totally doable – slip it in just after waking or after work. Chiropractic sessions are usually around half an hour making them easier to fit into a busy schedule. Obvs the massage treatments need more planning & time… 

Less Angst, More Calm & Slow Slow Slow ∴


I won’t lie. Last year I was guilty of pushing myself too hard. Blogging nearly every day with all the associated meetings and PR events plus being a mum definitely took its toll. I saw the year out with a 5-week cold, conjunctivitis and sinus infection. Lurvely. And tied up with it all was the pressure I put on myself to do all it. (I think I’m not the only blogger guilty of this – check out Cider With Rosie’s only New Year’s resolution!) This year, despite the lure of the blog and all its associated fun and games, I’m going to slow down. Posting 4 times a week is much more doable than the 5 or 6 I was doing. I don’t need to answer every email within minutes and I don’t need to go to every meet. And hopefully with it all, I’ll be a little more calm and less angsty.

This is one of the harder ones, keeping a peaceful state of mind. It requires a putting-it-all-in-perspective, does-it-really-matter-in-the-greater-scheme-of-things mindset… 

Hair Down ∴


This might be a bit of a silly one, but since getting a decent haircut (expensive, but so worth it at George Northwood) my aim is to wear my hair down more for a bit of change. I’m not that comfortable with it, being a short-haired girl at heart, but once I’ve blown-dried and tonged it looks ok. I’m not that happy with the back of my head to be honest, I think it slopes down too much to look good, which is why you’ll usually see me in a hat if my hair’s down. We’ve all got our hangups, I guess!

Hair down is more maintenance than I’m used to, tbh. So I’m planning a weekly weekend blow-dry & tong. Little steps… 

Dreams ∴


This year, as well as growing the blog, I want to continue my dream of getting published on the fiction front. I have a manuscript to make amends to before going back out on submission and a brand new idea bubbling away which I’m getting really excited about. Not sure exactly when I’ll be fitting these hours in. Oh, and spend more time writing pop songs as the piano. Eek, I’ll just have to do less of something else…!

Often and little is the key to creative projects on the side I think. And thinking time. I like to drift off to sleep thinking up story lines and characters… 

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