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Kids’ clothes. You get inundated with them to begin with, often ending up with too much of one thing and not enough of another. Then the pain sets in as you begin to realise their truncated life span…

And then you find yourself half-way through winter operating with only one decent jumpers and a couple of trousers. Sizing varies wildly, so, if you buy online, you can find yourself with the ‘right’ size so big it’s no good for another few months, or you find yourself rush-wearing as you’ve only got a couple weeks to go. Lovingly hand-knitted pieces are often callously rejected (the shock when a toddler starts to exercise the right to wear what they want is an eye-opener!) and t-shirts can be chain-worn through 48 hours.

I’ve been dying to get Gus into a pair of Clarks desert boots for a while now – I think they’re amazing on the male of the species at any age! – but they’ve been sitting pristinely unworn for few weeks. Ever since the yelling in protest at having feet measured at Clarks Westfield took place (happens every time). Today, with the temptation of boots-you-can-wear-in-the-desert we turned a corner and he shouted ‘Yes, mama – new boots!’ before consenting to wear them… So cute, plus one of the few toddler styles in a wide-footed G size.

Less trouble with the new Boden jumper which he seems pre-programmed to like somehow. Possibly after upturning a mini-wheelbarrow of plants at their most recent press day. But since jumper number one was such a success (and the snowboots, which he’s been wearing non-stop this winter) I thought we’d try another green-hued number. Not a word said. Puuurfect!

∴ Gus – Boden jumper*, H&M cords & Clarks desert boots* ∴

∴ Mama – Boden top*, MiH jeans (half-price in sale!) & Adidas Stan Smiths ∴

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  1. beautiful photos! and gorgeous little one!

    a strange question: do the stan smith size normally? thanks

    1. thankyou! actually yes, I’m a size 5 and I went for a size 38, really good fit on me, have a normal width foot, not overly narrow…

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