5 Things I Learnt From a Wardrobe Declutter

As I’ve been feeling a bit morose at the current state of my wardrobe; more sprawling beast hissing and snarling in the bedroom than sophisticate’s sartorial gallery, I decided to spend this morning tackling the problem. And here’s what I learnt…

Wardrobe decluttering is something the needs to happen on a regular basis. At least once every couple of months. This way you weed out what you’re not wearing; make sure you know what you’ve got (we all do it, wear like 20% of our wardrobes); stay on top of any little moth beasties (tip: keep woollens washed and clean, they’re not interested in those) and also get inspired for new outfit ideas. My clear-outs often turn into a trying-on session, haha!

It’s not just about being brutal (ie. you haven’t worn this in six months, get rid!!!) but knowing when to be and also trusting your instinct. If you think you might still be able to work an unworn piece into a new look, keep it and give it a go. Or if you’re only hanging onto something because it’s a good label and you think you should but it’s really not doing anything for you, then make the break and let it be someone else’s special Depop/eBay/charity shop find. I should also mention that I did try the 5 Piece French Wardrobe system a while ago, but really it was too strict for me and I like life to be spontaneous.

I think I’m finally figuring out my style. It takes forever, right? But this latest declutter has brought things into sharper focus for me. My basic wardrobe that I wear 85% of the time is denim and classic top and jumpers in neutrals or muted colours. What used to confuse me was my penchant for the bright and flamboyant. But now I get it, I have a bit of a thing for bohemian fun and flounce and this can be perfectly worked in via a kind of LA-cool approach. In my head, I’m seeing regular ripped boyfriends, basic white tee but with a fringed cardigan swingin’ knit atop. This realisation makes me feel very calm and happy.

And leading on from the last point, it’s clear to me that how I like to dress is also how I like my house to be. On the interior design front, I love minimal, clean and neutrals but with flares of colour, quirkiness and ‘curated busyness’ – is that a thing? This connection was driven firmly home to by yesterday’s trip to the 70s fashion designer Thea Porter exhibition which documented her evolution from interior designer – lush, opulent, Oriental bohemianism – to her dress designing which was entirely frameworked and contextualised by her interior design. Of course we should apply our style principles to both yourself and your environment.

House-related clear-outs of any kind tend to have a positive effect on me, and wardrobe particular. I’m sitting here writing this feel refreshed, updated, positive and excited to start wearing from my new, re-organised closet. I’m hoping for better outfits with stronger looks and more consistency, so dressing doesn’t have to be a try-and-try-again experience. See you this time next month!

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