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I’m practically a curmudgeon when it comes to beauty products. I know what I like and I stick with them. Since going natural a few years ago on skincare, I am forever delighted by the existence of luxe natural & organic beauty site A Beautiful World… 

Founder Liz McCarthy does all the legwork – travelling hard (often to New York and LA – dream job much?) to find the best luxe beauty for us eco-bunnies – and applying a very strict criteria to the quality of products she accepts on the site – I’m trying to get the low-down of what ticks all her boxes as I’m guessing I’m not the only one who loves using natural and organic products but is not entirely clued up on it all; some products being minus this and that, others focusing on the organic content and so on.

Anyway, you can rest assured that what you’ll find on the site is pure, pure, pure and very good for your skin. So here’s a little showcase of some of the latest products I’m loving and using. First up, Indie Lee. I had the pleasure of meeting the inspiring Indie last year and her passion for creating products that visibly help with keeping things looking young and plump was so refreshing. And yes, I can attest to the fact the products really do make a marked difference – I use the lavender oil every night and this eye balm and apple serum are real treats. Definitely worth shelling out for.

SW Basics, I was sold on the packaging alone tbh (visual seduction is my weakness) but I love how they narrow it down to the sheerest basic organic ingredients. I first tried their shea butter cream which I got seriously addicted to, the lip balm and now the gorgeous smelling organic rosewater cleanser for those times I can’t be bothered to wash my face with water and coconut oil before bed. Come the morning, when showering, the MU organic rose foaming facewash is my go-to. I just love how the light foam feels in my skin.

Kadalys is an interesting new French brand, which A Beautiful World has recently taken on. You’ve probably seen the sweet smelling banana balm on here before, but I’ve just started testing out their skincare. They have a ‘first wrinkles’ day and night cream which is soft, soothing and seems to be keeping my skin hydrated enough to keep the fine lines at bay for the moment.

And then, finally, hair! Being of the ‘a bun is not a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle’ ilk, I’m a bit old hat when it comes to styling products (Elnett will forever be my night out zizz) but on freshly washed hair – mine’s quite fine and flyaway – I’ve been giving some body with Feed Your Roots mousse and then a spray of this divine salt spray by love+salt beautifully pinkish from its Himalayan pink salt. Smells totally delicious too as mixed with coconut oil – I reckon that alone makes it the best one out there!


Indie Lee eye balm* & apple serum*, Kadalys ‘first wrinkles’ day cream*


MU organic rose foaming facewash*, SW Basics organic rosewater cleanser*, love+salt spray*, Feed Your Roots mousse*


All products kindly sent for review. All opinions and direction my own. Thankyou A Beautiful World, am in heaven! 

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    1. Yes, the squalene products are amazing too, you really see the difference! She’s such an inspiring woman, just as you would hope for such a great, natural brand 🙂

  1. I have just recently started looking into first of all cruelty free makeup (my introduction to Hourglass makeup) and in the past week or two, into organic, chemical free makeup and skincare brands.

    Ever since changing my diet with food quite a lot in January this year I have been feeling more and more strongly about my skincare and makeup and not wanting to use a bottle which contains several, several ingredients half of which I can’t even say!

    I am a sucker for packaging too hence why I love my Guerlain and Chanel (now phasing them out) so this was a super post to read.

    I live in the UK (Scotland) so it’s sometimes a little harder to track down sites and shipment, but thank you so much for writing this !!! Makes life much easier now for skincare research

    India | See the Sparkle
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    1. Hi India – ah, I’m so glad this post was a help. I’ve been on the hunt for good natural & organic beauty products for a while now and love A Beautiful World. If you search ‘A Beautiful World’ on my blog you’ll find other posts featuring more of the brands. All so gorgeous, really work and beautifully packaged! And thankyou for the share, much appreciated! 🙂

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