Sunday Edit One

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWeekend publishing is a weird one; on Saturday everyone’s out and about doing their thing but Sunday’s a bit more chill and certainly the day I like to kick back and catch up on Sunday papers & blogs…

So just a little round-up really. Pale pink tulips appeared out of nowhere yesterday, brought with the late arrival of a houseguest, so much appreciated, always! I’m crushing bigtime on really pretty jewellery and loving how it goes so well with denim – the beautiful silver halo necklace from the new Stroem Design summer collection and a pretty Alpha Beta bracelet from the amazingly curated Suite Hazen (a wonderful mix of accessories, homeware & curiosities!).

The softest stretchiest pants from French leisurewear brand Eberjay (updating my underwear drawer is something I’m terrible at – the recent introduction of a set of fivr briefs has felt life-changing, haha!). I’ve finally started The Book of Strange New Things by Michael Faber and it’s one of those stories that draws you in right from the first few lines, brilliant writing. And yes, I am that person who reads entire books on my iPhone; a habit leftover from late-night breastfeeding…

I’ve got hooked on these brilliant glasses chains from Frame Chain. I started with a chain for my specs and found it so useful and pretty, I’ve got one for my sunnies now too – this pair by Monki, which I got for 8 Euros last year in Stockholm and then rediscovered last week, joy! And despite the sun, it’s still scarf weather, so I’ve been wearing this can’t-believe-it’s-not-real faux fur stole by Ruby & Ed. You should see the coats for autumn, incredible – luxurious and so soft! Already mentally got one on pre-order…

And as ever I’m on some strange health kick! So despite all the chocolate eating, I’m regularly taking a small slosh of organic apple cider vinegar (I use Biona, which apparently Boots stock, although I get mine from local health shops) every day in my tea which is meant to help with all sorts of health things including lowering blood sugar levels which seems to reduce my sugar-crashy moments…

I’ve also been experimenting with blusher for the first time in my life and have been using Benefit’s Sugarbomb which has four colours you can swirl together to create a lovely natural looking blend. It’s not an everyday thing for me – so useless with make-up! – but I’ve used on a couple of evenings out and I like looking a little more glowing and made-up! Also pictured is the Sugarbomb lip gloss, which gives you a very light tint… Happy Sunday, peeps!

Stroem silver halo necklace*  | The Book of Strange New Things

Frame Chain* | Ruby & Edstole (avail. soon) | Alpha Beta bracelet*

Biona apple cider vineger | Monki sunglasses | Frame Chain*

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  1. Hi, I take apple cider vinegar too, although not in tea or water. Just a spoonful after dinner to help digestion. It’s also great as a conditioner for your hair and as a toner for your face, just dilute well with water. Loving your blog. Lorraine

    1. Ah yes, knew about it as a conditioner bit haven’t tried! Next on the list 🙂 so glad you’re enjoying the blog! Julia

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