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This Sunday Edit is brought to you in a vein of mild panic (life stuff piling up scarily this summer) and a dreamy disbelieving haze (I’m off to the Grecian sun next week with one of my best friends). So what you see before you ties in aspects of both…

A good portion of these bits – the kilim cushion, the storage pot and salad servers – are from a brilliant new find (via Instagram, where else?) the quite recently launched Yonder Living. Basically, what I did was convince myself that since the house we are moving into is going to be MUCH. BETTER. on the insides, i.e. interior decor than our current one, I would follow my heart and buy some directional pieces to stockpile until with move. And this is no impulse stuff, let me tell you, these are results of a very large and considered private Pinterest board which I then printed out and cut out to glue into a notebook as part of a my process. Nutcase, you’re thinking. Yes, I know. But after at least a decade of making questionable house stuff choices I’ve decided it was time to start getting it right. Thank god for places like Yonder Living, thankyou ladies! Similarly, I can’t wait for Edit 58 to launch. Their Instagram full of Moroccan rugs is making my heart ache; discovered via Erica and her obsesh with pompoms.

Still with the house stuff, the silver beaded anklet you see was a long-lost piece discovered since last weekend’s initiation of Spring-Cleaning-Before-We-Move project. I actually downloaded and speed-read in the space of about 15 minutes the The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up to get me off my ass give me motivation. I won’t say it was rocket science, but it was practical and straight-talking and gave me the impetus to just get on with it. I learnt: only keep those things that give you a thrill, fold and store on end in drawers and shoeboxes lots of things like clothes and socks and store bags within bags. You’re welcome.

The camera and clothes? Well, I can’t quite believe it but I’m off on a blog trip to Crete next week and we’ll be hitting a gorgeous hotel to kick back and soak up the sun. It doesn’t feel quite real yet. I’ll be on a mega photo mission as per, but also getting my head around my summer style. And a big thanks to Topshop who had me in to choose some summery bits, including the shorts and top. I’ve got a bit obsessed with the off-the-shoulder tops and got this one both black (hurry, only 2 left!) and white (petite). Super easy to wear, but really adding quite  a lot of va-va-voom. Bare shoulders can be deeply sexy but in an utterly un-vulgar way, which I like. And denim cutoffs, ripped and bleached, yas please.

In case you’re feeling a bit like you’ve got déjà vu, I have featured the avarcas – handmade Menorcan sandals by Palmaira Sandals – in natural tan before. But now they come in a lovely, perfect with denim or evenings out, rose gold leather.

The beauty. I’ve been loving this Calendula Eye Balm by Indie Lee for a while now and use it night instead of a regular eye cream. Definitely one of those brands – natural and really works – that I keep coming back to. The from-LA Orly nail polish caught my eye, not only because it’s chemical free, made without DBP, Formaldehyde and Toulene, but for its pale colours – the pink Confetti (low on stock) and Nude Creme. I’ve completely got out of painting my nails these last fews month (more, I admit) mainly because when life is full of family and work, some things have to give. What’s struck off for me has been nail painting (there is just not the time to paint, remove etc) and much worse, yoga. Very sad about that. Anyhow, turns out since I last painted my nails I’m more about the softer rather than the bold colours and these are what I will take with me to Crete. And my new favourite ring, which I’ve definitely featured before, but it’s just So. Perfect. The flat top ring by Stroem Design.

On that note, I’ll skidaddle and leave you in peace, except for one annoyingly oblique reference to something really exciting in the pipeline which I can’t yet tell you about. But, see the the notebook? Believe it or not, it’s not empty inside! In fact, the first few pages are taken up with some crude (very crude, trust me!) sketches I’ve made for a new design collaboration… eek! Toodlepip!

The things you find when tidying up...!
The things you find when tidying up…!

I got this top in black too!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATopshop top & shorts* | Yonder Living cushion, pot & salad servers | Palmaira Sandals*

Stroem Design ring* | Indie Lee eye balm* | Orly polish pink & nude creme*

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