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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m as surprised as you are this Sunday Edit is still going! Despite missing out last week (due to this!) and overall not being much of a regular feature person, I think I’m changing as I really look forward to this weekly download. It’s growing by the week…!

The first thing I want to talk about is the book. See historical novel Sisters of Treason? I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the very inspiring Poppy Loves recently who – as well as a gorgeous London-themed Instagram – has created an absolutely brilliant monthly bookclub. It has taken off to such an extent – hundreds of readers from all over the world – that the monthly Facebook book discussion is often attended by the authors so you can chat direct with them. Amazing. And not only that – for women in parts of the world unable to access the books themselves, Poppy has teamed up with the book publishers to ship out boxes of books to Iraq. Most commendable and one you should check out, bookworms among you. Sisters of Treason – all about the Tudor court – is June’s book and grips you right from the first line… Join your local Poppy Loves Book Club, a whole load in the UK as well as Iraq, Australia and New Zealand or start your own!

The Box of Delights – a beautiful children’s fantasy novel – was very sweetly sent to me for Gus’s birthday by Barbour with a lovely hamper to celebrate a new limited edition picnic rug, photos to come! Gus was three last week and we celebrated with an afternoon picnic in a local park with a load of his little friends. Not having done the party bag thang before, this time I got on board and conveniently ordered everything I could possibly need from the brilliant The Jelly Rabbit; the little dotty canvas bags are from there and I also bought paper bags and a load of fun treats. I even messed up the order by not completing properly and the lovely Sarah was still able to whizz everything out to me in time! I also, against convention I know – the horror! – handed out the bags to begin with so there were lots of little things to play with as the kids settled into the party.

For those of you who live in east London, a brilliant new pop-up, combining kidswear by Dandy Star and kids design shop Molly Meg, has just opened on Chatsworth Road. I picked up some last minutes party extras, picnic cups & plates and presents (including the magical One Night Far from Here) and Gus has been playing non-stop with these magnetic ABC and numbers board (Magnatab they’re called). The pop-up runs until 26 July and is at 92a Chatsworth Road (formerly Triangle Store). And I’ve totally got my eye on this gorgeous kids teepee for the new house. And finally, on the kids note, check out brilliant blog by former fashion editors Little Spree, love it! And they even have their own canvas shopper…

Gluten free, hand delivered lunch by David & Joy
Gluten free, hand delivered lunch by David & Joy

More and more these days, I like to have a super healthy lunch. I’ve been juicing, I’ve been making sugar free snacks, I’ve been cooking up quinoa and adding tuna & avocado for a midday energy boost. But oh, wouldn’t life be so much easier if your perfect lunch could be delivered straight to your door? East Londoners David & Joy do exactly that. Last week, they biked me one of their lunches, all locally sourced, to try out. So good! I’ve never tasted such a delicious, nutty quinoa. And the salad was so much more imaginative than mine ever are plus you can choose your choice of protein. All gluten-free for those of you that are interested and there’s crisp bread, a health juice in glass bottle, and little energy balls to have afterwards. Definitely something I’ll be booking when I know I’ve got too much on to make a decent lunch. Approx £10 for lunch & delivery. Highly recommended.

And one more to the door. US mobile beauty company Priv launched their handy litle app in the UK back in January and yesterday I tried out a massage at home. Super easy, all booked through the app, Andrea – a masseuse and fitness blogger – turned up with her super comfy bed on wheels and got straight into just the kind of massage I need – remedial sports massage concentrating on pressure and trigger points around my neck and shoulders; I have a lot of tension around there and often get migraines so this was just what I needed. Andrea also left me an Aloe Heat Lotion to try out, which is meant to be great for headaches if you apply a little to the temples – will report back! Having a massage at home is a truly different experience to going to a salon; the blissful haze stays with you so much longer as you don’t have to get dressed and face the world immediately afterwards. £75 for 60 mins with massage bed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASee the pencil? I was thrilled to discover that one of my favourite Islington boutiques Labour of Love – when I first moved to London I lived nearby and used to pop in all the time, perusing and buying gorgeous cashmere gloves and ballet shoes – is now launching its own womens and kidswear range. Very cool, fashion forward pieces. More on that coming soon.

Next up! I’m not a big perfume gal really, but I was completely blown away by Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess (available here and at Selfridges soon). With creamy coconut, vanilla and mandarin it’s so sensual, oozing and evoking desire; one for the evening to give you that little extra oomph. And what could be more perfect to wear with such a perfume than this absolutely stunning beaded kimono from Miss Selfridge? Currently half price, it has a real weight to it and the perfect art deco shape with loose sleeves and billowy back. I’m thinking throw it on with a white vest, skinnies and sandals. Squirt of perfume, summer evening party outfit good to go.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe knickers? Always useful to have ones that don’t give you VPL; these are part of a new Sculpting Sensation set by Triumph. I don’t tend to wear padded bras – bigger boobs is not something that really works on my frame and I don’t like underwiring – but for a more formal outfit, I think it’d work a treat plus the bra has one of the softer magic wires. I’m kind of wishing I’d had the bra to wear with this Boden jumpsuit (fyi, I trimmed the ends) I styled up over on Boden Diaries – I could have done with a little more shape on the upper half I think!

On the hair front, I’m still going strong with Maria Nila, which is proving to be one of those natural brands (parabens & sulphate free, 100% vegan) that really does work. I’ll be giving my hair a bit of love with this masque before heading off to Greece tomorrow for a bit of an activity-charged trip. With a gang of fitness bloggers and my fave gal Erica, I’ll be hiking, scuba-diving and canyoning! Egad, wish me luck and keep up with all the action (for real) on Instagram.

Wishing you a lovely week and if you find yourself with a spare few minutes, do check out Yonder Living, who I’ve mentioned before, I can’t stop myself from pouring over all their lovely homeware – this is where the walnut chopping boards and mug are from!

Ps. Last night home alone I watched the completely brilliant Ex Machina by Alex Garland, stunning performances from all including the ever-so-gorgeous former ballerina Alicia Vikander. Definitely one to watch – the film, and her!

Shapewear knickers by Triumph


Stunning sequins by Miss Selfridge, half price in sale!
Sandals for Gus bought in the little Cretan village of Kritsa…


Chopping boards and mug by Yonder Living

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