Spotlight | Cropped Flares

Here’s an easy summer style hack! Loose, ankle-cropped flares are both of the moment and an ideal relaxed look and feel for when it’s hot…

I found these wide-legs in the Zara sale for £15.99. I bought them despite knowing how way-too-long they’d be… The plan? To chop off the ends.

Quite how long, I wasn’t entirely prepared for! They trailed on the floor almost a foot and a half it seemed! No worries though. I roughly measured against my ankle and then did a little snip at the seams, a couple of centimetres which allowed me purchase to rip the denim on both sides to the other seam which I rough-shodly cut through.

Ripping like this can be a bit treacherous and you’re never going to get it perfect (do not try if you are a perfectionist!) as you’ll find yourself a few centimetres out once you reach the other side. Do you know what? With skinnies or flares I don’t really mind rough n’ ready Robinsoe Crusoe torn ends. It doesn’t spoil the look imho. It’s cool, footloose and carefree, which is what summer’s all about. Plus the contrast with a couple of smarter or pretty pieces is bang on in my book. I wore with off the shoulder stripes and leopard print for appointments today…

Photo by Erica 

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    1. It’s almost my mission now to give you the confidence to do it! :))

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