Sunday Edit Nine

First up, apologies! This Sunday Edit is a bit of a rushed job. But I probably usually write too much anyway. If all goes to plan you’ll be reading this while we’re attending a wedding in southern Sweden… 

So first up, let’s talk footwear. The socks are by Pantherella, a British heritage brand whose Bedford factory I visited last week. Amazing to see all the machines at work, knitting up the yarns – my favourite part was the Yarn Room, just cubby-holed row upon row of different coloured and weighted yarn. Heavenly. These people take their socks very seriously! And then, the snow leopard print booties? A bit of a sneak peek of some autumn/winter goodness which I can reveal next week, so keep an eye out…

The sweet envelope clutch is another ‘Made in England’, this by London College of Fashion graduate Harriet Sanders who handmakes all her bags from ethically sourced Italian leather. They come in a variety of colours which you choose yourself, mix and matching the different bits. 

The beauty is new in mainly from A Beautiful World where I like to get all my organic and natural bits. Squalane oil by Indie Lee, moisturiser by Kadalys which I’ve been using the day and night versions of for quite a few months now and really love and a return to the incredible Bee Yummy – soft sticky raw honey goodness, quite unlike anything I’ve ever used before but my skin just loves it! The soaps were a colourful birthday present pack of the organic Argan Oil variety by Salon du Savon but have yet to try. 

The books! Bit random in a way. A total emergency buy at Urban Outfitters last week when faced with the prospect of a very long bus ride home due to the tube strike. I got through two in the end. How To Be a Parisian so much better than I thought it would be, actively enjoyed its light humour with some genuinely useful insights. Alexa’s ‘It’? As much as I like her (I have interviewed her in the past and she’s lovely) it just felt a little too lite for my liking. Yes, giving a taste of her quirky cool, but not much else and loads of unexplained pictures. Hmmm. 

Moving on. The camera straps you may have seen already – my collaboration with Olympus and Sail Handmade for the Olympus Pen E-PL7 which just went on sale this week! And you can get 10% off with the code STYLONYLON10. The natural ones are going down a storm, btw! 

And last but by no means least, the jewellery. This is another collaboration of mine (crazy times, I know!) which will be launching this autumn. So really just a sneak peek, I’d love to know what you think! A minimal collection I designed with the brilliant Kirsten Goss – track the progress so far on #stylonylonxkg. Tootlepip!