Swedish Clog Thing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere’s hardly a girl in Londontown these days who doesn’t own a pair of Swedish Hasbeens in one form or another, and I love  the full-on skipping by a windmill feel of these traditional clogs. Plus I’ve got a real thing for natural nude leather right now. It suits hot, muggy days so well and lifts the colour of any outfit…

Although, I’m not sure how well suited they are to the rest of the outfit with which I was trying to do a whole Katherine Hepburn thing – it’s the high-waisted wide-legged trousers in mannish-colour khaki isn’t it? Plus super classic white shirt. But I love the way the colours work together and well, I just can’t say no to nude leather basically and I felt much more grown up than usual. Which is ridiculous coming from someone well into her 30s. It’s like we get time-warped at a certain age; I’m stuck on 28, I think! Is it a ‘that’s when I was happiest’ thing, or some life-defining moment? I couldn’t really say. What was that quote I read the other day, I paraphrase and no doubt misremember, ‘In every old person, there is probably a young person screaming to get out.” Ugh, sorry, that’s a bit depressing really. No need for that kind of chat on a Monday morning!

But it’s a weird thing isn’t it? Growing up, ageing, ploughing onwards through life. Do we become better versions of ourselves, refining, improving our way to happiness or do we bundle along with us regrets and unlearnt-from mistakes? Not sure what’s bringing all this on today. I’m feeling a bit out of the blog flow, haven’t been posting as much I want to recently. The good news is I’ve have cleared the diary decks so I’ve now got time to get it all out there! Some staycation travel and Olympus Pen EPL-7 camera tips & tricks coming your way this week, so keep an eye out…

Oh, and one more thing. The little box bag is by Danielle Foster, who I discovered at The Basics Store recently and fell madly for. Hoping to pop along to the studio soon to do a bit of a photo-story on the brand!

Every girl needs a good white shirt - this one by Zara...
Every girl needs a good white shirt – this one by Zara…


Wearing one of my soon-to-launch #stylonylonxkg rings...!
Wearing one of my soon-to-launch #stylonylonxkg rings…!



Shirt | Zara (similar in sale)

Bag | Danielle Foster

Trousers | ASOS

Clogs | Swedish Hasbeens

Necklace | Lucy Williams x Missoma

Ring | Stylonylon x Kirsten Goss (available September!)

Disc ring | Stroem Design

And a big thankyou to Erica for snapping these pics for me! 

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