Sunday Edit 14

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m getting my fringe on this autumn. The 70s fashion editorials have clearly been filtering through but I’ve long admired a friend’s black leather fringe jacket which she’s had for so long I realise the fringed jacket can transcend the trend…

Not so much the fringe bag though. Am not sure why, but they feel more transcient somehow;  a little over the top whereas a fringed jacket falls equally into the enduring rock chick territory. Nice with a plaid shirt (check back for this look styled up this week) or white tee. This Urban Outfitters one (part of the Urban Renewal line, like my leather jacket), which took a little tracking down – after discovering the Topshop version was sold out, I tried a menswear ASOS version, which was…  cut for a man. I wanted the oversized look and maybe if I was taller could have carried this off, but in the end the XS was just too bulky. So I sent it back and went for this one, which is perfect. So perfect in fact, and feels so good on. There’s something so comforting about the weight of it across the shoulders, I’ll fling it on nipping out pre-shower for milk or popping to the post office. I love that, a totally cool item that proves itself as utterly practical – except for in the rain, bah. 

To match, my new obsession, A.P.C. bags – this is my second, after the nude one I’ve been loving and trying to protect from the summer rain. Autumn saddle brown, big enough for camera and extra lens (almost thinking about transferring padded camera bag partitions into this bag) and I LOVE. IT. Kind of thinking of it as taking a bit of a anti-It bag stance (am I the only one feeling a bit numbed by the deluge of Chloe bags on Instagram lately – quite a good selection of them over on Monnier Freres if you’re interested though!). I’m putting myself out here now, but I just think they’re too expensive. A grand plus on a bag? Now, you know I like to shop and I definitely fall into the spender category, but I would just feel weird spending that much on a bag. The A.P.C. bags come in at around £300 and this feels just right to me. And it also means you can buy a another colour (or more!). Give me a triplet of these over a Faye or Drew (this lighter colour seems to be the blogger fave…) any day!

More autumn vibes, Palmaira Sandals kindly sent over their latest look, black and studded, which I adore (this black pair available soon, currently in green). These avarcas have become a staple in my wardrobe this summer and will continue to wear as long as the weather allows. They are so snug and comfortable to wear, I’ll slip them on for a day out with Gus, confident I’ll be sure-footed and mobile for whatever eventualities might occur. 

On last week’s shoot with Olympus, I had my make-up done. Asking the make-up artist to go super natural, I loved the result as my eyebags seemed to magically disappear which is what I usually struggle with. Danielle used Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation and Serum (apparently the Serum is even stronger) which I immediately ordered online, as I’m aware I could up my make-up game, especially as it helps with selfies, which I usually avoid – which on the whole I will continue to – but like to think I can when needed (trust me, as a blogger, there are times!). Sorry, I’m rambling. I’ve been cack-handedly applying a small pea amount of both and getting good but extremely natural coverage, so pleased. Now I want the No Blush Blush too, just love the whole concept for the range.

For hair, this new Bedhead Joyride Powder Primer Balm just arrived. Meant to help with styling and texture, it’s right up my street as I use quite a few things to texturise and matte my fine, flyaway hair after a wash. Have used this one on damp hair, it’s like a paste – seems to work quite well, so one to add the hair styling pile.

Do you like the photo frame? I put together my favourite Insta photos of Gus and me through the Cheerz app (formerly Polabox) and this arrived with the postman. Ridiculously easy to do and a lovely idea if you want something tangible to look at. This is going straight on my desk. Along with these lovely cards by super talented illustrator Miss Magpie Spy (you might recognise her work from Grazia and Cosmpolitan). She does a range of super-cute greetings cards which I like so much I am loathe to actually send out to anyone! Get yours at

I chose favourite Insta photos of Gus & me for the frame…


‘Babe’ card here
Tear & Share Yoko & Girls card


New foundation situation!


Suede jacket | Urban Outfitters

Bag | A.P.C via Monnier Freres

Sandals* | Palmaira Sandals (available soon)

Foundation | Perricone MD

Serum | Perricone MD

Photo frame* | Cheerz

Cards* | Miss Magpie Spy

Hair balm* | Bedhead

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The foundation

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  1. I’m really enjoying your Sunday Edit posts, it’s great to get a small insight into what you’ve been loving. I’m yet to try Perricone MD but I’ve always been VERY intrigued, next time I’m in London I need to try some out!

    I’d also like to add I love your relaxed writing style, your posts are always a pleasure and very easy to read! x

    1. Hey Brittany! That’s so lovely to hear. 🙂 they’ve become a nice weekly routine when I swore I’d never do a regular feature haha! Glad you’re enjoying them, going to hop over to your blog & see what you’ve been up to. Loving your insta as always xx

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