My Favourite Hackney Wine Bar


I headed to my favourite Hackney wine bar, Sager & Wilde , to shoot the second look for my AW15 project with Gant Rugger. Clothes that are wearable, comfy but are so well cut they immediately up the ante of your look…

A tad smarter than my first Sunday lunchin look , although these days I admit I don’t really differentiate too hard between the too. Excellent quality basics will get you a long way I’ve discovered and the splash out peacock pieces less necessary than I used to think.

Here, I’m wearing more of the AW15 collection’s core colour palatte with the brown and burnt hues – I can’t tell you how soft this jumper is! And the first time I’ve ever worn a long suede coat, which slipped on like Cinderella’s shoe, I won’t lie. This for me, I may have mentioned before, was totally owned by Penelope Anne Miller in Carlito’s Way, whatever the decade it’s a clear classic. Didn’t get to keep it unfortunately, but this is definitely on my hit list…

We shot this a couple of days before London temps really plunged, before I remembered how completely necessary a massively oversized scarf is for the cold. This big wool one is by far the largest I’ve come across (even more so than my Acne one) and I think in grey is a definite must-have. Some scarves just wind up looking great however you twist and turn them and this seems to be one of them.

If you haven’t been, Sager & Wilde is owned by gorgeous husband & wife team Michael and Charlotte Sager Wilde. See my photo story of the bar here back from when they opened – one of the most beautifully appointed bars I know; check the bar top, a re-claimed cast-iron pavement grating. The couple are wine connoisseurs who travelled the world sourcing their favourite bottles before opening the doors based on the concept of offering low mark-up fine wines by the glass. Serendipity that on their winery adventures, they even made it to the vineyards of Sonoma, CA, the very inspiration for the Gant Rugger AW15 collection. Nice fit, right?

Anyway, if you haven’t been I’d recommend a visit, and keep an eye out for my photo story this week of Sager & Wilde’s sister venue in Bethnal Green, Mission, where we had the most divine lunch

Stylonylon_GantRugger_SagerWilde_07Stylonylon_GantRugger_SagerWilde_02 Stylonylon_GantRugger_SagerWilde_03Stylonylon_GantRugger_SagerWilde_12Stylonylon_GantRugger_SagerWilde_09Stylonylon_GantRugger_SagerWilde_17 Stylonylon_GantRugger_SagerWilde_05 Stylonylon_GantRugger_SagerWilde_13 Stylonylon_GantRugger_SagerWilde_16 Stylonylon_GantRugger_SagerWilde_18Stylonylon_GantRugger_SagerWilde_10

Coat | Gant Rugger

Jumper | Gant Rugger

Jeans | Gant Rugger

Scarf | Gant Rugger

Boots* | Eileen Fisher

Bag* | House of Dagmar

Earrings | Eiger Gallery

Created in collaboration with Gant Rugger | Photography by Frances Davison 

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