Getting The House Christmas Ready!


Eek, so my mum is arriving next week –followed by the rest of my family a week later. Have we got the two guest rooms ready? Are they still full of boxes and the entire contents of my husband’s music studio, (flight cases and all) while the messy muddy cement mixer garden studio build continues? Ahem. So while we figure out that logistic nightmare, I’m putting my head in the sand and thinking on nicer things. Like getting the house all super Christmas cosy with lovely John Lewis candles, cooking and new bed linen… 


It’s kind of standard for me, but an evening never feels properly complete without lit candles. Scented or not. Bit of a problem that Gus has developed an aversion and insists on blowing them out – “They’re so dangerous, Mum!”. Whaat? Nonetheless, I am persevering. I always stock up on basic white candles like this one (or super festive with this silver one) and stick then on saucers and in old teacups, but actually I think this little birch candle tray is perfect, so this is on my list. I seem to buy a new scented candle on a pretty regular basis, the scent adds another homey dimension, instantly relaxing you and guests. As I’m a sucker for anything Scandi, this pine and birch candle by Skog is right up my street. And to complete the candle burning set, one of these little candle holders which make for lovely tinkles and shadows – I had a gold angels one as a child, which I loved watching heat up and swing into gentle motion, something incredibly magical about it. As that one (still in action if a little scorched and crooked!) lives as my parents house, I thought it was time – especially as we are doing Christmas in our own place For. The. Very. First. Time. this year – to get one of my own. This North owl one is perfect. And before I leave the candle section, how cute are the box of Christmas holly matches?


So, the food. My parents are big fans of quail, so we’ll be ordering these in from the butcher are a Christmas Eve meal I think, then we’re still to decide what we’ll do for the big day. Myles, the husband, is keen on going super traditional with turkey – my family are less conventional, we often have a huge salmon! – but either way we’ll need a big roasting dish. This one looks like it’ll do the trick and as I’m obsessed with copper kitchenware, one of these copper frying pans for good measure please – scrambled eggs, anyone?


Now, the guest rooms. The main guest room has our old double bed in it, but as all our bed linen feels and looks a bit tired, am thinking something new and fresh. Loving this grey waffle set. And times two, for the other spare bedroom, which will actually my office-cum-guest room, so excited to get my desk space back! We’re just checking out sofa beds, but the grey linen will do perfectly too. Get back to me in a week’s time when we’ll have shifted all the studio boxes into a nearby storage unit over Christmas, so we can get these rooms organised! Arggh, wish me luck!

1. Candle holder 2. Matches 3. Candle tray 4. Silver candle 5. Scented candle 6. Copper pan 7. Bed linen 8. Roaster

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Created in festive collaboration with John Lewis

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  1. Ha, I love Gus´ reaction and actually he is right about that but I totally get what you mean, a lit candle instantly changes the ambience of a room and my mood as well. Seems like you have it all figured out, but that´s just the thing with making plans – that´s the easy part – so let the execution follow. Good luck! 🙂 xo
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