Sunday Edit 31 | ‘Where I’m At Now’ Edition

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpring is such a natural time of renewal. For me, it always hits hard, either in a “I must spring-clean the entire house now!” or, this year, I must spring-clean myself right now… 

This may have something to do with the whole family having just recovered from a flu virus that hit us all pretty hard in different ways and that I’ve had a few other minor health issues this year. So I just want to get well. And this I aim to do with gently re-embracing yoga and Pilates (this was such a big part of my life, ‘before’; hate myself for saying it like that, but, y’know, before motherhood when there was time to do these things; nowadays it’s a case of prioritising and I’m sad to say my wellbeing and health has got shunted down the list), a visit to the physio and homeopath and a serious focus on eating better.

I’ve always considered myself quite a healthy person – but of late (by which I mean the last couple of years) my standards have slipped. I had certain rules I used to live by (very little sugar, avoided wheat and diary – I did this because I have a rash that flares up when I have too much of these) which were quite fixed and along with the exercise I felt in quite good shape. But these days, I don’t think much of gorging on heavily cheesed up meals, slamming through packs of chocolate digestives when I ‘need’ it, crisps before supper because I’m hungry and various other bad-though-it’s-all-relative habits.

So, having embraced the Nutribullet, I started with a daily half-green half-fruit juice with yoghurt and sweetened with honey which was more of a treat than it should have been. So I’ve modified to more greens, one handful of berries, coconut oil, seeds, almonds in the morning and no yoghurt or honey, and it’s working well. My next step is to lose the blueberries and add tumeric as I saw Brittany Bathgate doing on Snapchat the other day. Turns out she has the new Hemsley + Hemsley book Good + Simple which I promptly bought. I have the first one, which I didn’t get as stuck into as I wanted, but this new one seems to be full of easier, more focussed meals including some great green eggs recipes (again, thankyou Brittany for Snapchatting this!) and just the things I need to make some more significant eating changes.


Come Spring (and it’s so spring-like this Easter, apart from the impending storm, bleugh) I also find my more minimalist wardrobe tendencies corrupted by the more festival and flower loving, dance in a field part of me, towards that that way-over-used label boho. Sometimes it feels weird switching from one to the other, and this year my aim is to try and blend the two amicably. This Urban Outfitters top is perfectly pretty with a loose, folky round-the-campfire shape and works really well, while it’s still cold, layered over a minimal-style close fitting top – see how I’m wearing this here.

I’m also adding to the Jaeger jeans in the Insta pic with my new loves, the straight style Jeanne by MiH. They are the softest thing for stiff, ie. non-stretch denim, fitting me so well with the high waist (something I often find uncomfortable on jeans) and they have gorgeous shredding in more unusual places. This style is surprisingly short – the hem reaches my foot, I’m 5″2 – which is just as well as I don’t think I could bring myself to hack off such gorgeous denim fray work. However, I do still like to show some ankle, so I’ve been rolling these up which still shows off the distressing well enough.

Natural beauty is something I haven’t failed on through the years, and these pieces are new in from A Beautiful World, really the best go-to for luxe natural and organic brands you won’t find anywhere else. Such a shame, as the S.W. Basics eye makeup remover arrived a little too late though! I always need something to take off my mascara properly and this is just the ticket, except I’ve just got back into Blinc mascara which removes this problem altogether by neatly rolling off, but there you go. The natural deodorant Schmidt’s I’ve been wearing all week – you need to scoop a pea-sized amount off and rub in. As far as I can tell it works pretty well, I wore it on an epic day out with Gus to the Natural History Museum, lots of haring around between buses and tube but I maybe still wouldn’t risk in a high-pressure situation, by which I mean, work stuff yet. I don’t worry too much about Gus or random strangers in the city of London, but still want to smell fresh for meetings and events. So… the truth is I still need to put it to a real test, but I’ve got a good feeling about this one, will come back to you! And the award-winning delicious smelling Chocolate Sun (nice Easter touch) I love, it’s an organic self-tan which is gentle and really just gives you a nice hint of healthiness and colour.

And finally, I got myself an earcuff, because they just look the coolest – but are extremely difficult to photograph on your ear! – and this is from gorgeous jewellery brand Tada & Toy. Browse their site with caution, the necklaces are to die for…

So Happy Easter! Enjoy the weekend and what looks like to be a gorgeous sunny day today!






Jeans | MiH

Top* | Urban Outfitters

Cookbook | Good + Simple

Earcuff | Tada & Toy

Deodorant* | Schmidt’s at ABW

Self-tan* | Chocolate Sun at ABW

Makeup remover* | S.W. Basics at ABW

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