Styling Seven Boot Lane SS16


Crazy how things work but over a year ago, I worked with Seven Boot Lane styling their SS16 lookbook (see online edit here!). It was great fun, and as it was the second time round I felt a bit more relaxed…

The previous year I had taken the plunge and styled the Seven Boot Lane AW15 lookbook, something I had never done before. On both occasions the super-organised side of me pushed to the front and I meticulously planned outfits and locations. For SS16, I was a bit more relaxed and open to the inevitable changes that happen on shoot day. We shot studio first and then headed to the gorgeous Hamdstead Heath for some pretty spring shots.

Photographer Clare Walsh and model Pippa Atkinson were a dream to work with and I can’t recall a single mishap! Or maybe that’s just selective memory 😉 Of course, a day long shoot when you’re doing multiple looks is quite full on, and there’s always a halfway point where you feel there’s still so much more to do. But the elation when you’re finished is worth it. We were super lucky with the weather (AW15 we had some real rain issues!) and I love the summery, warm feel of the outdoor shots.

As ever, I continue to be a big Seven Boot Lane fan, the shoes are great quality and always comfortable and this spring I’m getting a huge amount of wear out of these loafers, they’ve already seen me though my trips to both Athens and Cornwall, see them in yesterday’s outfit post here.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the shoot – hehe, back when I had a super messy bun, goodness glad those days are over! Also if you like my skinny camera strap, find it here at Sail Handmade (10% off with STYLONYLON).

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All photography by Clare Walsh Photography