Them White Kicks


Julia-30White canvas plimsolls. It’s the unboxing that always gets me. Pulling them out all white and pristine. Truly a millennial child – if a couple years out…! 😉

My white kicks have to date though been more of the Stan Smith variety, which always kind of bugged me as they are the most ubiquitous trainer ever to have graced not just fashion blogs but every east London parent I think I’ve ever met! Still love them but nice to have an alternative. Of course, the white canvas shoe is pretty high up there on hipster staples but I love the dash of wholesomeness that Keds bring to theirs. Plus the fact that they are not too narrow. I am not the most skinny of foot!

This Triumph style fit like a dream (they lace higher, which I prefer to the traditional Champion style)  and are exactly as light and comfy as you want them to be. And I always want a slightly lighter shoe come the summer. So I’m trading in my Stans for these as my everyday staple. Yes, I’ve already thrown them in the washing machine once! (And did you see the super cute shimmery mermaid pair (a collab with Aussie stylist Tina Leung) that just launched at Topshop? See on my Insta here!

Other bits to note. The excellent 80s power blazer with touch of the naval about it is from the M&S #ArchivebyAlexa collection which I really liked – I know the frilly top has become a bit of a marmite thing; too frilly for me, though I did try it on only to find it didn’t really suit me. Great new jeans from Revolve Clothing’s new denim line Grlfrnd which I am loving. These fit so well, are rigid and perfectly straight. I have now lopped off and frayed the ends, natch. The jumper is also by them and has a sweet open back (see here).

Back at my desk today after getting back from Portugal at the weekend, but off on a little jaunt to River Cottage for some forest foraging and food-making on Wednesday so keep up with all the antics on Insta and Snap (@stylonylon)!


Blazer | M&S

Jumper | Lovers+Friends at Revolve

Bag | Sezane (sold out just now)

Jeans | Grlfrnd at Revolve

Shoes | Keds

Necklace | Zoe Mortan Jewellery

Camera | Olympus Pen F

Photography by Kip Photography

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  1. Love this post. My very first pair in this style were white Keds, too many years ago now, at a time when there was real novelty and kudos for the US brand and that little blue label on the sole. I’ve still got them – I wear them when I’m painting walls … Maybe it’s time for some new ones!

    And thanks for including some more peeps at the PEN F. I think the cover on the screen is a really good design touch.

    1. Hehe, yes mine are currently spattered in paint! Of course, will make sure to post some more pics soon 🙂

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