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If you need a bit of soft and fluffy escapism this Sunday morning after yesterday’s horrendous events then read on into this Sunday Edit. But if you just can’t, I get it. I’m currently glued to Twitter watching the nightmare of our current political hellscape unfold – although beacons of hope this morning in this Federal Judge Ann Donnelly’s temporary halt of Trump’s Muslim countries travel ban, Airbnb providing free housing to refugees and (sort of) Theresa May’s somewhat late assertion that she does not agree with Trump’s actions… 

But I threw myself into these photographs yesterday and as ever am keen to share my favourite finds from the past week. Let’s start with the bag…


By new brand, Paradise Row (east Londoners among you will probably know where Paradise Row is, just by Bethnal Green tube!), beautifully made in east London (at one of the last remaining manufacturing Hackney factories), made in vegetable tanned leather and a fantastic story behind each charm in the collection.

The one you see is The Pearly, named after the 19th century tradition of the Pearly Kings and Queens who would parade in their Pearly suits to collect for charity and celebrate the Harvest Festival with maypole and Morris dancing – this still happens every September in the Guildhall Yard! Other styles have a boxing club charm representing east London’s boxing club history and a needle and thread charm for the textiles industry.

I met with founder and Bethnal Green resident Nika and was so taken with her passion and commitment to creating an affordable luxury brand inspired and made in the area; each bag comes with its own story card explaining the charm and a chic and minimal passport holder too!

Bag* | Paradise Row


Quite intrigued by the just launched skincare range by The White Company, especially as it’s been created by Deciem (the extremely busy company behind a multitude of interesting brands including The Ordinary, which I’ve been meaning to try). Although not claiming to be natural, overall the ingredients –with a real emphasis on essential oils which you can really smell in the products – seem pretty good to my untrained eye, i.e. nothing that I would normally look out for, eg. parabens, jumped out – I cast an eye over this useful ingredients to look out for list which was helpful. However, for example the Super Serum does use one petroleum derived ingredient, butylene glycol, but from what I’ve read in its form it’s not considered to be harmful, but totally up to you to decide really…

If you’re super strict – while the majority of brands I use are natural/organic, I do like to try out others that look promising – about using natural/organic only then maybe not one for you, but I have been enjoying using the products; the soft hydrating oil & serum, a cleansing face balm and nice moisturiser. And I love the branding, just love the simplicity of ‘Night Oil‘, ‘Super Balm‘ I find very appealing. Not priced as low as The Ordinary, the moisturiser is £30 (always a good indication of skincare pricing, the moisturiser I think!) which is pretty standard these days – I remember when £20 was my benchmark for a good quality moisturiser, about ten years ago haha! I’ve only had these products a couple of weeks but find myself reaching for the oil, serum and moisturiser for the gorgeous scents and when my skin needs a little extra care.

Balm, oil, serum, eye serum, moisturiser* | The White Company


One brand that has become part of my daily routine over the last few months is Immunocologie (I wrote about them here) – a French clay based natural brand, developed by a woman who wanted a natural skincare range to support her skin after cancer treatment – I use the cream cleanser every night with cotton wool to clean my face. The new body serum feels quite indulgent and I’m just using it for areas that really need looking after – e.g. my calves which get dry in winter and chest area where my skin is quite delicate.

Body serum* | Immunocologie


Now that Stan Smiths are in semi-retirement through over-exposure on social (and I’m seeing this happen to so many brands at the moment, and we bloggers are so part of this. Really the race is on – for me anyway – to find new and interesting brands that don’t fall into typical overpriced status symbol territory!) I’m always on the lookout for good-looking white kicks. I’ve just bought a lovely pair of velcro all white ones, which I’ll show you soon, and I wear my Aigle ones to death, but these perforated Keds are super cute too. Just waiting for it to get warmer to wear as they look better without socks!

Trainers* | Keds


There was time, as a teenager, when I only ever wore silver. And it felt like an initiation into adulthood to start wearing gold. Now I happily mix both, but I’ve always felt silver connects to my emotional self in a way gold doesn’t – does that sound weird? It’s softer and gentler somehow. So silver pieces often feel extra special to me. Especially one as tactile and shimmery as this hammered crescent moon by Avalanche Jewellery (available at The Pommier). There are two sizes and at first I thought the large would be too big, but when it arrived it was just perfect.

I’m always on the hunt for little silver and gold hoops for my higher up ear piercings and recently I’ve been popping over to Chatsworth Road to see new east London jewellery designer Paz Oh, who makes lovely delicate little pieces including these open hoops (I think these might currently at the stall only, but do email her if not!)  which are neatly sized and ideal for slipping on something understated.

Necklace* | The Pommier / Earrings | Paz Oh


I’m trying to tie up a few housey things – y’know like the pictures we still haven’t put up, a year after moving in and getting lamp shades up! Making the need for lampshades wonderfully redundant are these exquisite Wattnott bulbs by Plumen. One is destined for my office and the other our bedroom. However I’m in the process of choosing some nice ceiling cords to go with… The beautiful basket is by Trouva and this is currently our bedroom housing my hairdryer which I hate having on display but hate having to get out for daily use.

Basket* | Trouva / Bulbs* | Plumen


And finally, very late to the game on the matcha latte front, mainly because my first cafe one wasn’t very good. But I’ve been making them at home – I buy this Nutriseed powder from Abel & Cole, works out about 20p a cup – and I’m really getting a taste for them! Making the initial paste with a teaspoon of powder and hot water as much of a paste as possible makes a difference; I’ve been whipping it up and using my Nespresso machine milk frother to do the milk. So my caffeine intake is inching up to a morning coffee and an afternoon slow-release matcha… I’m trying out alternatives to cow’s milk (like brown rice milk, very sweet!) as apparently you don’t absorb all the goodness if taken with cow’s milk. Shame, that’s how I like it best!

Matcha powder | Nutriseed

*Asterisked items sent for review 

All shot by myself on Olympus Pen F with 17mm lens

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