Pre-Spring Beauty Round Up

I’m being a bit more adventurous with beauty at the moment. I think we’re moving into a good place where, not only are there numerous natural and organic brands creating beautiful products in gorgeous packaging, most beauty companies are eschewing parabens at the very least, so much so that it’s a bit old hat to shout about it… 

Of course, you need to check (and this leaflet here is super useful to get an idea of what to look out for in certain products) but I must admit that the general move to more of the natural stuff, less of the unnecessary chemicals is emboldening me a bit. That and maybe I’m looking to give my skin a little bit more attention. Suddenly 5-step routines seem like something that I want to make time for – this from someone who cut her hair short because she can’t be bothered to wash it, haha! – especially when they leave your skin feeling as fresh as a daisy.

I hadn’t come across UK organic brand Aeos (thankyou Positive Luxury for putting me on to them!) before but my goodness, once I had haphazardly digested the order in which to use the 3 Phase system products (the boxes are labeled 1,2 & 3) I was super impressed. Less creams, more a layering mix of serums and serum-like creams which feed into your skin in a wonderfully wet and hydrating, as opposed to creamy, way. I don’t know – this was something my skin was clearly ready for. And probably one of the most immediate; I can see a difference in how my skin looks in the morning. Just fresher, happier. I’m loving these products, a little of each layered up, post cleansing to create skin that feels just like it would if optimally hydrated and nourished. Really keen to see how these go over the weeks. It’s been a week so far, but even if I’m in a massive rush, I make the time to apply. Ingredients are grown in a biodynamic farm in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Step 1 Cleansing Lotion or oil  | Step 2 Energising Conditioner, Hydrating Mist,  

 Step 3 Realive SerumEnriching Moisturiser




Candle moment! So completely obsessed with this candle new in from SOH Melbourne. Now available in the UK at Selfridges, the copper vessel is such a stand out and Grace Le Rose rose, jasmine and pine fragrance is just heavenly!

SOH Melbourne candle


Weleda was one of the first organic brands I found in the health shops way back when I was first delving in to what was available on the natural skincare front. I love their products, though occasionally find some of the creams a bit heavy. But they have a lovely new set of tinted lip balms out and this being the one makeup related item that I absolutely hoard, was thrilled to try them out. Funnily enough I actually prefer the rose and berry to the nude, as the nude looks a bit funny on my lips I think!

Weleda tinted lip balms


I guess serums are my new thing. And I’ve been using this Elemental Herbology hyaluronic serum for several weeks now and it’s definitely one of those products I start panicking about when I can’t find it. I actually only really dab it around my eyes but I feel it gives a protective nourish that that delicate part of the face needs. It contains the wonder ingredient hyaluronic acid which really helps with keeping skincells young and fresh! Given I’m turning 40 this year, yes, this is exactly what I need! The body scrub I love slathering over me in the bath to give my skin a bit of a refresh.

Elemental Herbology body scrub and hyaluronic serum



Skinceuticals is a new one to me, also used at the Soho House Cowshed spas. More of what they call cosmeceuticals, on the edge between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, where the efficacy of active ingredients are expected to be clinically proven. Owned by L’Oreal – cruelty free and committed to reducing the use of shipping cartons and corrugate material. They aren’t making any overall claims about their ingredients but the mineral SPF 30 tinted mousse and  (also containing hyaloronic acid) I am using are both parabens free. Kind of loving the refreshing, green slime of the masque and again, using while I’m in the bath for a boost.

Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Masque and mineral SPF 30


For a really fine scrub, this Goldfaden MD facial scrub is fantastic. I’ve never experienced such fine grains, they really feel like they’re getting in there – for some people it might be a little too much. But when you live with the daily grime of a big city then yes sometimes you do just want something that feels like it’s getting through to cleaner skin beneath; minimising pores and reducing blackheads – I get these around my nose. The Fleuressence oil, with 26 active oils, is delicate and refined and perfect to apply after a bathtime facial scrub. Free from parabens, petrochemicals, silicones and other potentially irritating synthetic additives.

Goldfaden MD facial scrub and Fleuressence oil


This Music Studio in Trufo Street candle – made in Paris, “inspired by memories” (love this!)  – is by Lola James Harper, who also make pictures, perfumes, and a range of interesting collaboration products with different designers, including coffee, cookies and furniture.  The site is beautifully put together with some stunning imagery, do take a browse. Available in store at Paper Mache Tiger or at Selfridges.

Lola James Harper candle


Now Murad is a brand I know nothing about – seems they have a real focus on ant-ageing. I discovered them during London Fashion Week at the Olympus suite, where the bathroom was decked out with beauty bits. I was just on my way out to shoot some outfit posts and the Invisblur Perfecting Shield caught my attention. Absolutely just what was needed, to soften the features for photos. If anything just to give you that confidence boost, y’know! Love this and will always be my secret weapon pre photos now. Also I tried the Eye Lift Firming Treatment at home, it’s meant to fill in wrinkles, so just a short-term fix but it did seem to have a nice effect. So both product now in my beauty arsenal! What a change has come about!

Murad  Invisblur Perfecting Shield & Eye Lift Firming Treatment

I really love that you can go into Boots these days and get a lovely free-from product for a really reasonable price when you need something like body cream that you know you’re just going to plough through! Body cream and shampoo are areas I like to spend a little less, just as you use in bigger quantities so regularly. The Kind Natured range ticks all the boxes and smells delicious too. And I’ve already squirrelled away the lip balm, so soft on the lips. And the body sugar scrub just melts on your skin in the bath.

Kind Natured body creambody sugar scrublip balm & hand cream 

I think I’ve spent years trying to convince myself that the perfumes I like are more of the citrusy, refreshing kind, when the truth is I actually love them floral and sweet. (I wore LouLou as a teenager, ‘kay?) The vampy bottle of YSL’s Black Opium may be a evening appropriate glitter fest, but boy do I love the way it smells. And yes I wear for daytime, gold glitter or not! Equally, but not as pricey, this Yardley scent Royal Pink Diamond is quite lovely, with its sweet floral mix on a base of sandalwood, cedar wood and musk.

YSL Black Opium  and Yardley scent Royal Pink Diamond

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  1. Goldfaden MD facial oils are THE BEST! Also love the Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser. I wish I’d known about the Olympus lounge, would have been good to see you. Will they do it next season? x

    1. Ooh yes! Must get you along next time 🙂 Yes both new discoveries to me, very impressed! 🙂 xx

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