What Podcasts To Listen To

Podcasts are finally a thing! What’s that all about? From their somewhat muted advent into the digital landscape in 2009 suddenly everyone is listening to them; apparently listening is up 20% in the last two years – I listen while jogging or doing the washing up, you?). And not just listening, but making them too! Me included ;). Here’s a little guide to the one’s that are currently on my radar… 

Hashtag Authentic 

This month we’ve seen podcasts making their way into the blogosphere with Sara Tasker’s (aka Me and Orla) absolutely fantastic new Instagram series Hashtag Authentic. Sara launched with a nitty gritty look into use of bots on Instagram, arguing brilliantly why this is absolutely not the right thing to be doing. Following episodes include how you should be growing your audience with a 5-point plan and then, probably, my favourite of the three, an absolutely fantastic interview with Instagrammer with Philippa Stanton, creator of 5ftinf and pioneer of the flatlay movement!

Ctrl Alt Delete With Emma Gannon

A long-going fantastic stash of podcast interviews from author and blogger Emma Gannon with journalists, bloggers and media types from Pandora Sykes, Amanda de Cadenet and Dawn O’Porter to Tanya Burr. Insanely popular (500,000 listeners!) and great chat with a social media focus – have just got lost listening to Liv Purvis’s (from What Olivia Did) while editing photos! Can’t wait to get through them all – and there’s an impressive back catalogue.

Fashion: No Filter

With a fashion focus and insider slant, fashion blogger Camille Charriere of Camille Over The Rainbow and former Vogue journalist Monica Ainley are two episodes into their Fashion: No Filter which is a mix of behind the scenes, discussing making money through Instagram, interviews with fashion industry peeps – from Reward Style founder Amber Venz Box to model types Jade Parfitt and Immy Waterhouse – a regular snippet on what our hosts are wearing, plus vox pop from the Paris Women’s March. A fun & witty mix!

Admit One With Antonia O’Brien

For movie obsessives, film podcast Admit One With Antonia O’Brien has some great guests including author and journalist Tim Walker and DJ Sara Cox. Reflection on the effect movies have on us, plus guests are nailed down to a top three favourite movies – which is a touch call for anyone! 

BBC Woman’s Hour

Of course the transition of radio shows to podcasts has been seamless and the podcast universe kind of feels like their natural home –  on demand whenever you need them, aren’t we lucky these days! I regularly listen to the ever brilliant Jane Garvey and Jenni Murray with their constant stream of guests and topics of the moment. Always one to catch up on, always worthwhile.

Phototalk With Stylonylon

Last, but not least, may I present to you my own Phototalk With Stylonylon podcast, three episodes in, grown out of my Instagram Live photography Q&A sessions, now taking on a life of its own. So excited to get more guests on after a brilliant chat with Olympus photographer Jay McLaughlin about the finer details of light metering! Episodes 1 and 2 cover everything from what lenses to use once you’re ready to move on from you kit lens to what I think about when framing a picture and how to stop your images coming out yellow! You can also listen here on my blog

Of course, there’s a whole world of podcasts I’ve yet to properly explore, I’d love to know your favourites! Let me know in the comments below.

ps. I bumped into the lovely Pandora Sykes today who told me her new podcast (follow up to the much-loved PanDolly series while she was at Sunday Times Style) will be launching next week so keep an eye out!


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  1. I did a round-up of my favorite podcasts as well this weekend and I love to get to know many more. The Hashtag Authentic podcast sounds totally up my alley, I will check that out!

    I did see your new podcast and I like it. When it comes to camera stuff, I do prefer videos though as I am a very visual learner 🙂

    1. Yes I know what you mean re videos, really hope I can pull these together on a regular basis one day! 🙂

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