Reinventing The Lie In | Mother’s Day

I’m not gonna fake news this. Since becoming a mother lie ins are no longer a regular indulgence to execute with, well, let’s call it a sort of relaxed determinism. I mean sleeping in, and I’m talking good quality sleep, til midday or more is no mean feat…

You rid yourself of whatever toils of the night before, you wake in a happy, woozy haze and luxuriate in the the cosiness of your duvet wondering where you will go for a yummy lunch. I don’t want to scare you, but when a little person enters your life that all goes by the wayside. And the truly tough thing is, whenever you do manage to beg/borrow/steal a lie-in, it just ain’t the same anymore. Your body clock won’t let you, your buzzing mind won’t let you, the cat won’t let you, the little person and your big person, however much they conspire to be quiet and absent, in the end, just won’t let you.

So yes, I mourn my lie-ins of yesteryear but still occasionally claim them, making the most of lolling in white sheets by evolving them into something else altogether. And I’m talking breakfast in bed. First off you need a tray, ideally a standy-up one that can be delivered to you replete with your servings of choice. Homemade latte and croissants with butter and jam for me, please. And come this Mother’s Day I will be wanting flowers, oh yes and a little present.

Could be anything, but since this year’s resolution is to print out more photos and frame them, then yes, pictures of my little family are just the thing. The picture in the frame was actually a Legoland trip a couple of years ago, by which Gus was a little perturbed as you can see! I love captured moments like this and I want more of them printed for posterity. Add to that some lovely reading matter  – yes, that is Diane Arbus; you can lose yourself for hours in The New Yorker – and that for me is my perfect lie-in. Check out more #MumWisdoms and share yours on social to win some The White Company goodies.

Breakfast in bed tray, bone china mug, bone china sideplate, glass vase (actually a candle lantern holder!), bottle vase and basket all from The White Company

Created in partnership with The White Company

Styled & shot by me on the Olympus Pen F and 17mm lens

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  1. Beautiful – my kind of lie-in.

    I love the little pots for jam and cream – are they from Portugal, by any chance?

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