A Bucket Bag Named…

Ever since Mimi Berry came out with the Gus bucket bag earlier this year, I’ve been eyeing it up. Not least because of its name – Mimi’s son and my Gus are best friends and it is name after him! – but also because my penchant for bucket bags reigns as strong as ever and in Mimi’s exquisitely made vegetable tanned leather we’re talking a lifelong forever piece and true classic… 

[ezcol_1half]To begin with my plan was hold out for the autumn colours – I’ve had a sneak peek, and they are dreamy, have a look here – as, pretty much 85% of my bags are in tan. And I even have a smaller size bucket in tan from Sezane. But when the current colours hit the summer sale this month I gave in. I’ve seen how beautifully Mimi’s own tomato-red Gus has softened as it’s slowly aged and it really is a thing of beauty, the leather moulding and graduating through a journey of colours. I plan to wear mine as much as possible to fast forward this process. Easy to do, since the size is one of the most useful when you have a few extra things to carry round and, as I’ve discovered the hard way, loading up pretty straw baskets with two cameras, an extra lens and various bits and bobs can result in tears and holes. So sometimes something a little tougher is needed. Check out the rest of the sale here, and though, not in the sale, can I recommend the most perfect sunglasses case – I have the mathching tan, see my Insta here – nice & squashable so takes up less space yet provides the needed protection, with a twist of leather on the inside to make sure the frames sit properly… really the perfect present![/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]In other news, I have finally found a jumpsuit that doesn’t drown me and have been wearing multiple times since receiving. Stupidly easy outfit solution and perfect for hot-hot-hot London. For fellow shorties, this is a size 6 and on taller peeps will come up cropped the ankle but for me the length is just right. I mean, could be shorter, but overall fine! I must confess to a bit of shopping spree yesterday. Hard to avoid when on the Lower Clapton Road which has such a lovely little array of shops now… But I took a dangerous step into Bad Denim, perused the sale rail, and then asked the assistant for the latest MiH style, which I had an inkling of and I think my Mum had sent me a picture of…. the Caron. Super high waist, super wide leg, just the coolest things ever really! Tried on, loved, bought (eyes squeezed tightly shut at the cost!). Damn they’re expensive. Given how much wear I get out of £40 Toppers, but I could’t not stop myself. The frayed length was actually fine on me, but when I got home I remembered the picture my Mum had sent showed the style more cropped – so I cut and frayed off a couple of slithers and got the look as they were designed to be… Shopping confessions over and out. [/ezcol_1half_end]

Bag | Mimi Berry

Jumpsuit* | Sosandar

Sandals | Hudson (in sale)

Hat* | Gap (in sale)

Necklaces & rings | Bear Brooksbank & Bianca Jones

Bracelet | Tory Burch

Photography by Jay McLaughlin on Olympus Pen F.

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