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Olympus Pen FAs I write this the sky is clouded over and rain is imminent. Which is a bit of a reality shock; hot summer days of little to do are over. Part of me feels relief, that nag that I haven’t been posting regularly for almost a month is taking hold, fast… 

And I’m kind of craving the back-to-school feels, which for this household set in mid next week. But at the same time, I feel out of the swing of it, rhythm a bit jerky and facing that slight anxiety of not having done something in a while that normally comes so naturally. Ah the curse of time off. 😉

So without further ado, let’s launch into this week’s Sunday Edit with some new favourites getting me all aflutter… 

Olympus Pen F

I mentioned this on Instagram too as I’m so excited, but I have some lovely new straps in new colours coming out in October with Mimi Berry. We will also be doing a gorgeous leather camera case to fit the Pen models, a lens cloth & memory card holder and lens pouch in some beautiful fabrics. So please stay tuned as we will have all your camera accessory needs extremely well covered!

Camera | Olympus Pen F (enter JULIA25 at checkout for 25% off  E-PL8 and lenses! DM me for deets)

Strap | Mimi Berry x Stylonylon

Oskia city life

I’m already deeply dependant on new skincare range Oskia. The eye and face serum have been doing wonders on my skin, and I’m now trying to carefully eek out the little I’ve got left. So I was delighted to receive this new CityLife rangeto help battle the pollution and grime us citydwellers face on a daily basis. The balm for eyes and lips feels wondrously nourishing and protective and I have to stop myself from using it as night too when I’m safe and sound tucked up in my pollution free bed!

The cleanser leaves your skin feeling almost squeaky clean, although not dry and the facial mist is quite addictive on hotter days and perfect for in between oils, creams or serums. Really loving the whole range, and trying to be careful not to run out too soon. It’s quite expensive but boy does it feel good to use and my skin just gobbles it up!

Facial mist | Oskia

Lip & eye balm | Oskia

Cleansing concentrate | Oskia

Anti-pollution concentrate | Oskia

Wacoal bralette Halo Lace

Wacoal has so many styles and designs, but I’m finally honing in on the ones that suit and fit me just right. I’m not an underwire kinda girl, nor does a padded cup suit me one bit – they just make my shape look really strange. I need something a little more subtle and form fitting rather than shaping if that makes sense. Really love this the lacy stretch on this bra – from the Halo Lace range. It’s a bit more material than I would normally go for in a bra, but it’s fantastic under t-shirts when you just need an extra supporting layer.

Bralette* | Wacoal

Tilly Sveaas jewellery

With a bit of a rock n’ roll edge, half Norweigan half British London-based Tilly Sveaas has an intriguing mix (from peace symbols and shells to arrows, animal heads and skulls!) of delicate pendants and chains which can easily be mixed into your existing set-up, not least because the chains come with three length options. I’m loving the horn shape right now, and was really taken by this wooden one and the mini St Christopher pendant (which has been having a bit of a renaissance of late; my jeweller friend Bear has been asked to source antique ones repeatedly over the last year!) looks super cute worn higher up the neck. Some really cool bits, do take a peek as all very affordable too!

St Christopher pendant* | Tilly Sveaas

Wooden horn pendant* | Tilly Sveaas

Park Minster candle | Darling & Gold | Trouva

This Woodland candle smells so divinely delicious, I just can’t describe it! But sooo good. And came from brilliant new Clapton boutique Darling & Gold which I popped along to photograph and interview last week. So keep an eye out for when that interview goes live – some really fantastic brands and assortment of fashion & homewares. Park Minster produces short runs and also a 60 hour burn is extremely well priced at £19.95 (or £10 for the small one pictured, 30-45 hours). You can find Darling & Gold online at Trouva or IRL, on 20 Chatsworth Road, E5, London.

Candle | Park Minster

Wedgwood Daisy Tea Story teapot

The kind of china you will feel forever proud to pull out and bask in the prettiness and mutual appreciation. Last week when we still had the heat, I found myself making pots of iced tea for guests and this little one was designated for the one, maybe, two Earl Grey drinkers and drew satisfying oohs and ahhs; why shouldn’t teatime be all about beautiful china? And Wedgwood – this design is the Daisy Tea Story, which I love! – really does the best!

Teapot | Wedgwood


There are some really nice and affordable leather accessory brands about at the moment offering monogramming services, and it’s really lovely to personalise a piece. While I’ve had some London based brands to share with you, I thought it’d be fun to show you this one, Bellevue M – offering free monogramming and extremely reasonably priced leather – all the way from Australia. Mainly because I’ve been doing an alarming amount of shopping from Australian brands this summer and think they deserve a real shoutout for getting it so right. This taupe makeup bag zips all the way to the edges so extremely practical to get into and all feels really well stitched and made…

Makeup bag | Bellevue M

All shot on the Olympus Pen F with the 25mm 1.2 lens

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  1. Lots of lovely Pen F news. So glad I checked back. I really need to get my hands on a Pen F to see what it’s like before buying online, though. My mission, should I choose to accept it!

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