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Stylonylon | Gap shearling | Danse Lente | Nike Airmax 95 | Redone jeans
Rainbow knits, big fugly trainers, affordable cult bags (and as of last weekend Vero, lol – but that’s a whole other post!). It’s endlessly fascinating watching trends spiral up and catch in this crazy fast-moving world we live in…

Trends can come and go before they’ve even left the catwalk these days – and Instagram is now responsible for birthing countless ones, via its immediate and spontaneous ways! I just love getting absorbed and seeing where I end up on a whimsical digital daytrip. So I thought I’d give you an insight into my favourite trends right now… Hint: cult brand Ganni seems to be behind a lot of the current trendsetting, so if you want to know what’s going to be coming up next, go browse their site! 😉


Affordable Cult Bags

Affordable cult bags, now that’s a trend that absolutely works for me! I’m not big on logoed designer handbags £1000 plus (although I did make one exception at the end of last year, but in my defence it was second hand, lol!). But bags coming in around the £500 mark, with standout but minimalistic design are right up my street. The ones that have popped out massively for me these last few weeks – the Fashion Month chips are truly down! – are Danse Lente with the Lilou, C Nicol with its take on the bucket, Tara Zadeh’s sold out clutch circle, Wandler with the Hortensia and Jacquemus with the bucket bag.

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Staud I first picked up on a while ago (I think I first saw the Bissett bucket on Rouje as a styling prop!) – ordering their brandy coloured bucket from the US because only pink was available in the UK! And because I had serious bag lust – but their new styles have been a big hit with the street stylers; although I can’t say the PVC one is doing it for me – not the most easy to carry, just a one-hander – and the crushed velvet (sweet as it is!) could only really be used for purse and sunnies, although gorgeous as an evening bag. Simon Miller has just gone from strength to strength – I bought two of the mid-size bonsai 20 buckets (this lot have just dropped btw, so get one quick before they go!) before they got quite as massive as they are now and were a little cheaper – but now I’m just lusting after the tortoiseshell handles!

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And the Ark from Cult Gaia was another US purchase I made before  they were available here, although I could never have predicted the direction of the new styles – while beautiful to look at, not that comfy to carry I’d say; at least that’s what I found with the Ark clutch. Pearls seem to be the new thing with the cute Shrimps bag out and about, and aptly named Mother of Pearl with their Rena circle bag, although the striped Ora is quite a headturner. And cleverly jumping on the basket (read affordable, lol!) trend is Loewe with its leather handled basket, which I can see loads of people snapping up for spring and summer travel and sunny city days.

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Big Chunky Trainers

Big chunky trainers! And suddenly it was all about those crazy-ass impossibly priced Balenciaga trainers! I can’t quite get my head around designer trainers, because in my mind sneakers are still for kicking around in, going on walks with children/animals, travelling, a full on day of meetings. And yes they will get dirty and bit roughed up. But I’ve been already falling in line with the concept which is basically that big clumpy trainers help your legs look longer/thinner gah! Hence platformed Vans and hi-rise Air Max 95s that I bought on some teenage impulse echoing from my past! I’m also checking out the Fila Disruptor II ahem, but impossible to get in white right now. And taking things to extreme, I’ve been madly eyeing up the Eytys Angel trainers – after finding the Chelsea boots all sold out – well, there’s just one size left sob! – which then bizarrely leads me round to these amaze cowboy shoes (see more on that below).

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Trouser Racer Stripes

The sports luxe theme is following through with the track pant racer stripe being used on more normal trousers – Ganni’s striped Dubois polo pants topping the heap, but you can find loads of this leg lengthening style at places like Baukjen who are doing white on black and blue on blue and there’s a beige loungewear pair from Micha Lounge  (which I am currently wearing as I type this!) as well as this multi-striped pair from & Other Stories. Topshop have quite a few styles too… but I’d say the next step forward for this trend is going full stripes, like this and this!

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Small Angular Shaped Sunnies

I’m not sure I can quite carry off the small pointy sunnies that the Hadid sisters and many influencers of note are currently strutting! Although I have an old pair of narrow Raybans than may just about qualify ha! If you have a softer hairstyle – unlike my pixie – this style does provide a cool contrast. So there’s the cateye pair from Mango which seem the obvious go-tos  (or the more expensive Le Specs or Saint Laurent) and I’m quite liking these fun Topshop ones. And these chunky ones in white are the cheaper version of the Illesteva ones we’ve been seeing, and an alternative to going too small and pointy!

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Cowboy Boots

White cowboy boots! I guess it started with the white Ganni ones (surprise surprise!) and then the Mango ones (thinking about maybe getting the black ones tbh!) being the more affordable alternative. I remember white boots in general being flagged up as a trend to note sometime last year now, but I’m really feeling the cowboy approach to it; as I’ve always had a soft spot for cowboy boots, always thought they were just the coolest thing ever!

I’m not too fussed about the white boots things, it’s too much of a passing fad, but I will be hauling out my fave cowboy pair in preparation for this trend to dilute into the other colours. Regarding Eytys, which I mentioned further up for the mad monster trainer-shoe hybrid, they have just dropped these cowboy shoes on steroids, and I am loving them, if banning myself from buying them FTM, urghh! I’m guessing most of us have an old pair of cowboy boots we can haul out anyway. 😉

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Colour Pop Knits

Colour pop knits: talking of colour, let’s move on to the primaries. The world of grim affairs that we live in seems to be demanding of us at an emotional level to keep the hope up by keeping the mood good with fun colour and dreamland prints. Again Ganni springs out with its in demand bright colour pop crochet knits and then this stripey-fantastic number, with less pricey look-alikes over at Urban Outfitters – the tangerine crochet with balloon sleeves and the rainbow one  – and I’m actually loving this one too, but bought this one because of the shape.

And while making the more boring-on-the-colour-front among us a little uneasy in our shoes… the colour I’m really focussing on is, now don’t laugh – lilac! You know, cos ultra-violet is colour of year now, innit! So this is just a gentler version of. I have a pair of lilac jeans coming, a Spring lilac top I bough last year – a bizarrely premonitious move! – and a little something else up my sleeve. More on that soon 😉

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Check Blazers

Check blazers: has been going strong for a while – with some extremely elegant influencers demonstrating the impact of checked tailored in eye-wateringly excellent moments. I’ve fully embraced this, wanting the look to be boxy and oversized as opposed to narrow and neat. Where do I start on this?

A brilliant find for tiny me (I know, I’ve mentioned this before) this jacket from Petite Studio, Rouje’s last season jacket which is nice and thick for cold days and my absolute pride of place, this stunning oversized check blazer (I went up to a size 40) by Paul Smith. Double breasted is key btw! The strength of these pieces is that they can be (and should be!) the cornerstone of your outfit – which really can be plain as; hallo tee, jeans and trainers or simple variations of! At the £350 mark you’ve got these gorgeous ones by Isabel Marant and By Malene Birger. 

& Other Stories is where I would go for a decent highstreet blazer, and they have just the oversized double-breasted one you would want! No need to size up on this I’m guessing, as they’ve designed it oversized. Loving this plaid one, only a couple of sizes – 40 & 42 – left, but this is probably what I would go for to get the oversized look – I’d have to try on to know for sure!

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Stylonylon | Gap shearling | Danse Lente | Nike Airmax 95 | Redone jeans

Stylonylon | Gap shearling | Danse Lente | Nike Airmax 95 | Redone jeans

Stylonylon | Gap shearling | Danse Lente | Nike Airmax 95 | Redone jeans


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Coat* | Gap 

Jumper* |Micha Lounge

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Bag | Danse Lente

Trainers | Nike 

Hat | Amazon Fashion 

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