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Stylonylon | The Small Home | Muun bag | Manebi espadrilles | Harry Rocks | Cafe Kitsune | Wyse

This Sunday Edit is brought to you as we tip into a hot-in-the-city summer heatwave and finally find our seasonal rhythm. No more confused is-it-hot-cold-or-raining today dressing, the name of the game is to stay cool and comfortable…

A Simple Life

Simplifying decisions with reliability of casual linen tees and espadrilles that fit your foot shape perfectly and can take you seamlessly from day to night. Dressing up simple summer looks with eye-catchingly pretty mini earrings and summer bags, some gorgeous house pieces by The Small Home plus ensuring your skin stays hydrated and cared for. Read on!

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Stylonylon | The Small Home | Muun bag | Manebi espadrilles | Harry Rocks | Cafe Kitsune | Wyse
Luxe simplicity

Bag Fiend!

A blogger friend called me a bag fiend the other day and she was not wrong! And my obsession bags is pretty focussed; when I find a brand I like I tend to buy into it in a serious way. French brand Muunhas captured quite a few minimal-loving eyes with their unique heavy cotton linings which single our their baskets (handmade in Ghana) from the many others around right now.

Extremely well-made, with strong stitching, the baskets feel more solid than most too. I bought this mid-sized basket earlier this month as an (embarrassingly early, lol!) birthday present to self (sometimes I take the lining out) and then fell prey to the Net-a-Porter salewhere this little white leather number caught my eye (sadly all sold out now!). Although I mainly bought it as an evening bag, it still fits my camera so works for day too, as long as I’m not taking too much else with me!

Bag | Net-a-Porter (other styles still on sale!)

Stylonylon | The Small Home | Muun bag | Manebi espadrilles | Harry Rocks | Cafe Kitsune | Wyse
Linen tee obsession

Stay Cool

London brand Wyse’s 100% linen tees really come into their own when it starts to get warmer. Beautifully made and finished, the soothing neutrals in each season’s colour palette are often set of by a lurex trim or multi-coloured stars, giving the simpleness a refreshing edge. The v-neck in the picture is a foil metallic grey but I love the collection’s soft navy in a roundneck and long sleeve – so easy to throw on day in & out with light-fabric jeans or a skirt. Size 2 equates to a medium so I’ve been wearing them quite loose and slouchy and occasionally even knotting them which the linen takes well!

Reliable summer footwear also becomes a point of focus – your feet need to be cool, but I find in a city as someone who gets about mainly by tube and buses, protected as well! Once again, I’m drawn back to the humble espadrille and thought I would investigate the current offerings from the makers of an all-time favourite pair of mine, now truly fallen apart after years of intensive wear! Manebimake, for me, a shape of espadrille that just really fits the shape of my slightly wide foot and toes! My feet slip in like a comfortable glove and I am good to go. As I am wearing them most days and out in the evenings too, I *may have bought this pair too, shh!

T-shirt* | Wyse

Espadrilles | Manebi

Stylonylon | The Small Home | Muun bag | Manebi espadrilles | Harry Rocks | Cafe Kitsune | Wyse
Teeny tiny earrings


As my hairdresser commented yesterday on noticing my earrings, it’s hard to find such finely-crafted small, delicate ones. I only really wear variations of studs (see my Matthew Calvin ones here) because of my short hair (anything big and jangly I risk looking like a pirate!) so am always on the look out for dainty pieces to mix in.

The mini lightning bolts & hugs & kisses XO earrings you see in the green dish by Harry Rocks are just the right size and incredibly flattering to the ears, I think! Spicing things up is the sparkly Butterfly Chain with Moon Charm which is actually attached to an earring backing. Charmingly delicate, it’s the first lengthy I’ve worn in a while and I loved how sweet it looked! But only on one side mind, as the single earring trend is a vast improvement on the twinset approach we have favoured so long!

Earrings* | Harry Rocks 

Stylonylon | The Small Home | Harry Rocks
Stylonylon | Votary toner | Skinceuticals Retexturing Activator | Jurlique Water Essence
Don’t forget to tone!

Skincare Tips

Practicing a skincare routine at its most basic has its benefits – time saved, mainly! – but it does mean you might miss out something quite important! I think I mentioned in a previous Sunday Edit, a visit to the Carnaby Street Cowshed Spa to try out their new bespoke facials where my therapist advised me of the benefits of toner – good for reducing open pores (which I have on my forehead!) and also to clear the skin of any residual project to allow the next product to work at its best. A couple of months in now, I’m definitely seeing an improvement on my forehead and overall skin condition; no more here-and-there odd dry patches.

And I’ve been using Votary’s Lemon & Nerolitoning serum – the lemon adding a lovely freshness! Not a toner, but more of a skin conditioner and retexturer is Skinceutical’s Retexturing Activator which I’ve been using my chest area as the skin is not great there – delicate and thin. Not cheap, but as I get older and see that area start to suffer, I think extending the care normally reserved for face is no bad thing!

Also for an extra luxurious step post-toning, pre-moisturising, I’ve been adding in Jurlique’s Water Essence which layers on an extra load of hydration and freshness. It really wasn’t something I was into before, but when I’ve got the time, I really enjoy doing it as part of the gorgeous rose-scented facecare routine Jurlique also do. This is a gorgeous boxset of a present if you’re after a gift for someone special who loves natural skincare…

Toning Serum* | Votary London

Serum*| Skinceuticals

Water Essence* | Jurlique boxset & standalone

Stylonylon | The Small Home | Muun bag | Manebi espadrilles | Harry Rocks | Cafe Kitsune | Wyse

Stylonylon | The Small Home | Muun bag | Manebi espadrilles | Harry Rocks | Cafe Kitsune | Wyse
Home improvements

Home Improvements

I think I may have mentioned how beautiful the home of The Small Homefounder Ayshea McCormack is (see the house tour here!). In a bid to up appearances at my place, I’ve been taking tips! I completely fell in love with this rustic Tuscan citronella candle (this is great for keeping mosquitos away if you are on hols!) and the green bowl(actually for salt & pepper & now on sale!) is also from handcrafted The Small Home ceramics collection by Dove Street Pottery. Filling your home with beautiful things, handmade with consideration, is a really good feeling!

Candle* | The Small Home

Mini bowl* | The Small Home

Stylonylon | The Small Home | Muun bag | Manebi espadrilles | Harry Rocks | Cafe Kitsune | Wyse
Kitsuné cool

C’est Chic

I’ve long been aware of the cool of French electronic music label Kitsuné with Hot Chip, La Roux, Digitalism & Bloc party among a long list of others on their roster as well as the Kitsuné cafes in both Paris and Tokyo (Kitsuné means ‘fox’ in Japanese!). So I was quite taken with the release of their new lifestyle collection including coffee cups, totes, sweaters and tees (wore mine, knotted lol, here!). Love the eco-friendly portable coffee tumbler, want one!

Coffee cup* | Cafe Kitsuné

Stylonylon | The Small Home | Muun bag | Manebi espadrilles | Harry Rocks | Cafe Kitsune | Wyse

All shot on Olympus Pen F with M.Zuiko 25mm 1.2 lens

Backdrop vinyl by Capture by Lucy

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