24 Hours In Hornbaek, Denmark

Stylonylon | Find Official | Amazon Fashion | Alienina bag | Castaner espadrilles

Are you an always-looking-forward or back kind of person? I must say, I’m the former! Which has its benefits, I tend not to get bogged down by things past but occasionally something makes me stop for a moment…

Danish memories

Like when I think how funny it is having spent part of my childhood growing up in Copenhagen, in all my travels since, I hadn’t actually been back to visit Denmark! Until recently, when the opportunity arose to attend a party on the northern beach of seaside town Hornbaek. With lovely rainwear brand Ilse Jacobsen (you can see a little video of our trip over on my IGTV.)

As we drove through the city en route to the party (just streets from my old school!), memories rolled back in reminding me what a happy and carefree childhood we had experienced – incredibly clean (!), well-cared for spaces, safe and happy. Winters properly snowing with sledding, and summers piping hot spent at the nearby beaches and summer holidays at a little cottage on Fyn.

Formative years and friendships (some of which have lasted to this day!) in such a friendly & positive environment – my never-t0-be-forgotten memories of The Little Mermaid and wonderful times at Tivoli, visiting the ballet and cinema for the first time and fleecing the local library for copies of Asterix & Obelix comics, lol!

It’s hard to know what you take from a place you grow up, how it shapes you, but I like to think a solid sense of self and high happiness baseline came came from our Denmark years! And yes, I will go back for a proper visit soon…

We stayed…

While in Hornbaek we stayed in a beautiful seaside guesthouse Hotel Bretagne just a few minutes walk from the beautiful open beach where Isle Jacobsen held a fashion show on a raised catwalk above the sand before a sumptuous feast with many friends and guests. I love the minimal look of the belted rain coat (I have the beige!) and chunky rainboots!

Well-fitting jumpsuits!

For just an overnight, I kept my packing super simple – in fact, three jumpsuits covered it! Despite being just under 5″2, jumpsuits at the moment seem to do alright on the leg length for me. So these are the ones I wore: a beautiful silk Liberty print one from Ridley London (size 8 for a looser fit, but they do go down to a 6); the stripy one in the pictures was a size 8 from Amazon’s new fashion label Find Official and for travelling back I went for a very low key (and just £6 in the sale!) New Look bandeau onepiece.

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Jumpsuit* | Find Official 

Bag | Alienina

Shoes | Castañer

Stylonylon | Find Official | Amazon Fashion | Alienina bag | Castaner espadrilles

Stylonylon | Find Official | Amazon Fashion | Alienina bag | Castaner espadrilles
That sunset tho!

Seagull in shot!

Stylonylon | Find Official | Amazon Fashion | Alienina bag | Castaner espadrilles

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