Olympus Pen | Coming Off Auto

Olympus Pen | Coming Off Auto | Bianca Jone Jewellery | Lucy Williams x Missoma This is a video I’ve been meaning to shoot for a while! Coming off auto on your Olympus Pen and learning to shoot Aperture Priority & Manual is something I’ve taught at my workshops and had a great response to…

So I thought it was about a put it all in a video! Fast forward to the pink background bit in the video for the actual how to, or watch the intro for a bit of an overview of what you’re going to be learning.

Shooting Aperture Priority is how I shoot the majority of the time – for two reasons mainly. One: My main interest when taking photos is to be able to control the aperture (f-stop) as this controls how blurry your background will be, and two: for speed! Often the type of the photos I’m taking are ones that need to be snapped quite quickly, especially if you are out and about in changing light situations. So this is the main focus of the video – also how to use the ever useful Super Control Panel (find out how to set this up here) to access settings like ISO, WB and file format.

But since it’s just an extra step, I also show you how to shoot on full Manual mode as well! It’s easier than you think when getting started, although can become as complicated as you want, depending on the type of results you are after (eg. See my post on night photography).

Anyway! I hope you enjoy the video and find it useful – please let me know what you’d like me to cover next!

Ps. My embroidered t-shirt is by A Finer Thread (this style coming soon!) and necklaces Bianca x Stylonylon and Lucy Williams x Missoma!

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  1. Olympus cameras when new are supplied with the “keep warm colours” option turned on. This will give over cooked colours and faces can really look too red. It is vital that this crazy option is set to off. That said someone will say they like the strong Olympus colours !

    1. Yes good point! Always something to turn off 😉 Must mention that too! But yes, I’m guessing some people must like it… I’ve always preferred cooler tones – at one point going a little too desaturated lol! – so this has long been part of my post-edit… Do you shoot with Pen/OMD?

      1. I switched to micro 4/3 when they first started, nearly ten years ago with the Panasonic G1. Since then I have owned several Panasonic m4/3 cameras. Some time ago I used an Olympus Pen EPM2 but could not get on with it. Earlier this year I obtained an Olympus OMD EM10 Mk11. Sadly I did not like it and I am back with Panasonic.
        I use the Panasonic G7 mainly with the 20mm f1.7 and the 42.5mm f1.7 whilst my two zooms are not used much now. I did try the later G80 but all cameras after the G7 are built without the AA filter and I had problems with moire. The future does seem to be sans filter so I will keep to the G7.

        Keep up the good work with your blog and I really like your photos.