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Stylonylon | Dr Hauschka Classic Cleansing Routine Dr Hauschka never fails to deliver and I’m getting deeper into the Dr. Hauschka Care Concept – built around the idea our skin instinctively knows how to regenerate itself. Having long been a fan of their wonderful range of products – 100% natural & certified organic and mostly vegan friendly. Recently I’ve turned to their just launched Eye Make-up Remover …

With anti-inflammatory eyebright & calming fennel (so soothing for over-stressed, screen-weary eyes – me everyday yikes!), skin harmonising rosewater, the Eye Make-Up Remover is perfect for cleaning away all kinds of make-up, including daily mascara and works on water-resistant make-up too. It also contains eyelash and eyebrow nourishing sesame & sunflower – which will work over time to help strengthen your eyelashes & brows.

I have to admit, I usually just try and make do with just face wash, but this never really works! I just end up with smudged mascara under my eyes… great look, ahem. Getting to grips with a decent eye make-up remover is a great way to start the full face cleanse using the Dr. Hauschka Classic Care Concept routine. This is lovely to do when you have a bit of extra time one evening or at the weekend…

This post is a paid collaboration with Dr Hauschka – as always, all styling, 
photography & views my own!
Stylonylon | Dr Hauschka Classic Cleansing Routine
Getting ready for a good cleanse…

Step 1 – Cleansing

So starting with the eyes – I’m using the corner of a soft linen flannel (from gorgeous new linen company Home Trousseau, the linen doesn’t seem to hold onto residue the way cotton does and is a great alternative to throwing away cotton wool). The remover is lightly scented and so soothing on the delicate skin around the eyes – just don’t get too much in your eyes, as it can sting a bit!

Next the initial overall cleanse with the Soothing Cleansing Milk to remove dirt and any other make-up – with anthyllis and jojoba oil it removes dirt and any other make-up while protecting the skin’s natural barrier. I love its fluid, milky texture!

And I absolutely love the next product – the thicker balm-like Cleansing Cream tube with calendula and sweet almond meal that gently exfoliates the skin. So lovely to smooth and rub gently onto the skin! I took this away as a mini on our recent ski trip…

Stylonylon | Dr Hauschka Classic Cleansing Routine

Step 2 – Toning

I love a gentle toner and have become very reliant on the refreshing spritz of Facial Toner – again I have this as a mini and it’s fab for travelling. With refreshing witch hazel and anthyllis, it gets your skin to the right balanced state and helps minimise the appearance of pores over time.

Stylonylon | Dr Hauschka Classic Cleansing Routine
After the cleanse, ready to moisturise…

Step 3 – Moisturising

Last step – moisturise! While I’ve generally found the Rose Day Cream a bit too heavy for my skin, I’ve recently discovered the Rose Day Cream Light and its consistency is absolutely perfect for me! I love smoothing this on, the rose so calming and nourishing.

Since discovering the tinted Regenerating Day Cream Complexion, I’ve become completely reliant on it and not a day goes by that I don’t apply it! Not least because it acts as an ideal replacement for foundation for me – I use every morning after cleansing for an immediate ‘ready to face the world’ face 😉

Most days I follow up with – and this was a brilliant tip from one of the Dr. Hauschka team – the Limited Edition Illuminating Fluid. This on top of the Regenerating Day Cream Complexion gives a lovely dewiness and I am in no way adverse to saving this for special occasions; dewy everrrryday please!

To finish off, a slick of mascara and lip balm – I am surgically attached to the Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm (I have a pot in the bathroom and sticks for going out!) and cannot leave the house without one in my coat pocket!

And there you have it, a super effective everyday eye make-up remover, a relaxing longer face cleanse for when you have a little extra time and a couple of face-ready products I can’t live without…

Discover Dr. Hauschka at dr.hauschka.com. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is also available at John Lewis.

Stylonylon | Dr Hauschka Classic Cleansing Routine

Stylonylon | Dr Hauschka Classic Cleansing Routine

Stylonylon | Dr Hauschka Classic Cleansing Routine

Stylonylon | Dr Hauschka Classic Cleansing Routine

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  1. I’ve never heard of Dr. Haschka before but it sounds wonderful! I checked online and I can get a travel-sized gift pack of day or night products (which would encompass everything you covered) for about $23USD each. Would that make a great gift with a flannel face cloth (not sure we can get Home Trousseau here). Beautiful pictures, as always!


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