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Stylonylon | Julia Rebaudo | Gestuz | Levis vintage | Ganni | Hereu I used to absolutely adore reading the A Day In The Life column in the back of the The Sunday Times Magazine! I’m not sure if they even still do it, but I thought I’d do one of my own…

So here goes!

My alarm on my phone is set for 7.45 – I have it set to Airplane overnight to block any badness! I snooze the alarm til 8, and  from then it’s a mad rush of muesli, rooibos tea and swallowing supplements (a huge mix including Hello Day, chewy Gumi Vits* for adults and Solar) while getting Gus ready for school. Drop-off is just a ten-minute walk – I always wear my comfiest stretch skinnies and a jumper, my slip-on check Vans and invariably I have bed hair at drop-off which is why I always wear a hat, ha!

Back home, I’ll have my one coffee of the day (DIY oat latte – we have a machine which grinds beans which is heaven!) over emails. I’m pretty good at keeping on top of my inbox, although these days missing emails altogether seems to be part & parcel of the digital overload, urghh! Sometimes if I have time I’ll have marmalade & toast (I’ve just started making my own bread – this recipe! – which is a continuing novelty!) and then a quick shower… usually just around the time the postman comes, natch.

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Stylonylon | Julia Rebaudo | Gestuz | Levis vintage | Ganni | Hereu

If it’s a home day, I’ll get caught up on Instagram, taking photos, thinking about content, replying  to emails and chasing invoices (if it’s a Monday!).

Lunch is around 12.30 and I have quite a weird combination of a berries & greens smoothie and gf toast with either almond butter & banana or feta, kimchi & spinach – so good! The rest of the afternoon is easily whiled away on my laptop, editing photos for the blog or Instagram.

Stylonylon | Julia Rebaudo | Gestuz | Levis vintage | Ganni | Hereu

Alternatively, if I have meetings or press days, I try I to get into town for 11ish – enough time for catch-up coffees & any appointments. Still learning to be realistic about what I can achieve without running my battery completely down!

Come 3.30pm it’s pick-up time for Gus (I share this with my husband) but I always aim to finish my working day by then so I’m around in the afternoon. This is when I TRY to fit in a half hour of yoga (I use the Yoga Studio app at home for this & when I get the routine going it’s brilliant, but I find it really hard to keep up!).

We all eat supper at the same time nowadays, which has got earlier & earlier! So we’re usually done by about 7ish – I’m a pretty boring cook and can quite happily eat the same thing on repeat! So oily or white fish, potatoes and spinach and broccili is often on the menu. (I try to follow quite a strict diet to keep on top of some health problems that came up a couple of years ago: mainly no meat, no dairy and I only wish I’d given these up earlier as I feel so much better without!).

Stylonylon | Julia Rebaudo | Gestuz | Levis vintage | Ganni | Hereu

In the winter, I love a 20-minute bath before Gus’s stories – it’s become a bit of cure-all for me; colds, achey muscles, exhaustion. I’m obsessed with oils and salts (these are my faves: Verdant Alchemy salts & Bramley bath oils) and having the water really hot! It absolutely relaxes me mentally and physically, setting me up for a good sleep. That plus my stretching routine which very weirdly I have done every night ever since I was a teenager and put it together from a More Magazine article! This one here!

Once Gus is asleep I’m usually already in my pyjamas (I love Yawn ones!) and will read until about 10.30ish on my Kindle (I burn through fantasy novels like nobody’s business!).

Recent faves include Circe and The Bear & The Nightingale; for non-fantasy The Silent Patient was brilliant and I usually I have some non-fiction on the go: at the moment White Fragility, It’s Not About The Burqa and a 60s self-help book called Psyho-Cybernetics!

Stylonylon | Julia Rebaudo | Gestuz | Levis vintage | Ganni | Hereu

I generally sleep easily and well – my pre-sleep routine includes spraying a sleep spray (Cowshed x Scamp & Dude Superpower Spray is divine!) and rubbing The Lost Explorer Magnesium & Arnica gel on my shoulders and Weleda Skinfood on my dry heels – although I often get disturbed by our cat Hodge who ever since he was a kitten likes to sleep on my head & dribble on my face or nip me for food, gah!

I dream vividly every night but generally wake up refreshed… to do it all again!

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  1. I love these kind of features. So pleased you are still blogging regularly. So many of the blogs I follow on bloglovin are now redundant and I adore spending at least 20 mins a day having a read of blogs!

    1. Hi Claire! Ah that’s so lovely to hear, thankyou! Yes it’s been so easy to get caught up in social and forget how lovely it is to spend some time on reading a blog post. More to come! 🙂

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