How I’m Using Crystals For Self-Care RN!

I love anything that gives me a little moment in my day to reflect, heal, calm, and re-centre myself…

Recently crystals have been playing more and more of a part in my daily processes and I’ve been incorporating them into my wellbeing in a few different ways…

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Crystal Healing

Earlier this year, I was in need of some energy healing (previously I have done cranio sacral therapy and angel healing for this!) but I was drawn to the lovely Tamara from @__wolfsister – we originally met at one of my photography workshops and then I kept coming across her on Instagram and having friends mention her to me, it felt like it was a sign I couldn’t ignore!

So I booked in for a Skype crystal healing session with her. I’d never done a treatment over Skype before but the connection (as in on a personal level with Tamara, WiFi was working fine, lol!) felt very real – damn, I am such a digital gal, gah! We spoke first at length about what I was experiencing and what I needed. Then angling my phone so Tamara could see me, I lay down on my office rug with a blanket and pillow, placing some of my own crystals on my chakra points as guided by Tamara and let the session commence. Tamara guided me through a meditation focussing on my feelings, associated colours and chakra points, working her own crystal energetic movements and motions as we went.

Tamara helped me understand where I was emotionally and re-order the energy around me. It was a lengthy session, and towards the end I lay quiet while Tamara worked with her crystals on me. I was exhausted afterwards but in a good way! I knew I’d completed some good emotional work and shifted some negative energies. The following 24 hours I did feel unsettled as I adjusted to a new (but better!) energy field but the work we did then helped me clear out and prepare for a difficult time ahead which I was able to sail through. Thankyou Tamara!

After our session, Tamara mailed me a crystal care package with some relevant crystals, Abalone shell and Palo Santo wood (made from naturally fallen wood) and selenite for an energy cleansing ritual I could do on myself and at home. I do this quite regularly now when I feel the need to reset my energy – lighting the Palo Santo and then blowing out the flame so it smokes, and wafting the smoke around my body (front, back and sides) to clear and reset energy channels. You can do the same for a room or building too, making a ‘writing’ motion on the walls and outlining the doors and windows.

Wearing Crystals

Having felt so good using the selenite on myself and home for energy cleansing, I started looking for a selenite necklace to wear. Initial searches on Etsy threw up quite a few, but nothing I really liked the look of. Instagram to the rescue again! I stumbled across new Cult of Youth who had the perfect one which I ordered (there is also this style). Around the same time, I was in Covent Garden and popped into The Astrology Shop there (looking for more selenite!) and I found a sweet little beaded chakra balancing ring which I’ve been wearing most days. I feel that a connection with crystals is what you make of it. If you are open to the positive energy, then it can help you 🙂

Pictured: Wolf Sister crystals, Palo Santo & Abalone shell, By Sarah Gua Sha *Rose Quartz crystal & facial oil and Cult of Youth selenite necklace


Crystals For Skincare

Discovering the use of Chinese facial massage Gua Sha has really tied into my crystal use atm! After an introductory session at natural brand Odacite’s London pop-up I started doing it every night in bed post cleansing and with a nice face oil – this is the the Odacite facial crystal and you can use any of their issue specific serums with the massage.

I also remembered that London based organic brand By Sarah also practiced Gua Sha, and Sarah has a lovely little rose quartz facial crystal she uses which I find sits really nicely in the hand and is just the right size to use on the face. I’ve been using a few different techniques, massaging chin and cheeks with upward strokes, and downward movements on the neck and side of face to flush out toxins – (Sarah has a IGTV how-to video here!) This is the award-winning By Sarah facial oil to do the massage with.

I love the whole process of the massage. I do it when reading, to really unwind from the day. I find it really helps with stress storage in the jaw, which I definitely have and smoothing any bumps or blockages under the skin. As well as the overall skin benefits – plumping up the skin and getting the blood circulating! – for me, it’s a really devoted, in-the-present moment of positive selfcare.

I asked Sarah a few questions about her Gua Sha own practice …

How did you get into using crystals as part of your skincare routine?

I have been using facial massage tools for many years, including our Rose Quartz Gua Sha, and so my interest in crystals really grew from there! The Rose Quartz Gua Sha is a truly meditative ritual that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to redirect chi (energy) flow in the body where it becomes blocked and causes tension and inflammation. When used as part of a daily skincare routine, the gentle movements redirect the flow of energy and actively promote lymph drainage and circulation to boost a healthy complexion.

How and when do you use Gua Sha?

Every evening before bed once I’ve cleansed my skin and applied a few drops of the Organic Facial Oil. I keep my Gua Sha on my bedside table and it’s my cue, at the end of the day, to drop my shoulders, take a deep breath and check in with how I’m feeling. I take the time to use the Gua Sha and give extra attention to any areas where I might have held more tension that day, like my forehead if I’ve been in front of my laptop all day.

What benefits have your seen to your own skin?

I instantly feel grounded and connected when I use my Gua Sha. My skin feels smoother and circulation improved as the Gua Sha stimulates blood flow and eases away any tensions. By enjoying the mindful, meditative benefits of the Gua Sha, I enjoy a richer experience of using this facial tool beyond the noticeable toning and smoothing benefits. 🙂

Thankyou Sarah for sharing your tips and practice! See more of Sarah’s beautiful products

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