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Forever in search of the perfect night’s sleep, my journey continues and this time the focus is on the perfect pillow – by the very people who created the first memory foam bedding, TEMPUR

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Curious to find out more – TEMPUR’s memory foam is developed from the pressure-relieving material created by NASA in the 1960s to absorb G-force pressure during space flight! – I booked in a phone call consultation at Westfield Stratford.

The secret? Billions of ultra-sensitive open cells that exist between a solid and liquid state to create a fluid and spring-like viscoelastic foam. Simple enough, right? This secret formula foam – known only to 10 people, no more! – responds to the body’s shape, weight and warmth and creates just the right pressure relief and support for the perfect night’s sleep.

All of which sounds extremely tempting when the pursuit of a good night’s sleep has intensified for a lot of us during this past year. The goal – to sleep better, longer, deeper – is a real one, given how much it impacts on our health and well-being – certainly mine! – on a daily basis…

Stylonylon | Tempur

The Pillow

My previous experience with memory foam pillows is that they have been too hard and actually ‘push back’ on my head creating a noticeable sore point which makes it impossible to get to sleep! However, I was up for giving it another go – especially as I spend most nights constantly re-adjusting two pillows to provide the right support and height.

I received the classic TEMPUR Comfort Pillow Original and while it was quite weighty, I did find that it was noticeably more squishy than previous memory foam pillows I’ve tried.

First off, I put it to the test lounging around one morning in bed, reading and resting with my little cat companion Hodge. It felt good. Normally I would need two pillows to get the right height for reading, but this one was just right and we lolled around and then had a little nap quite contentedly!

Stylonylon | TempurStylonylon | Tempur

A Good Night’s Sleep?

I sleep on my right or left side most nights, so a comfortable side position is key. Finding this pillow just as comfortable lying on my side as it was flat, I was happy to risk an actual night’s sleep…

At first, I was a little nervous. It sounds silly, but getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely key to my mood and my energy levels the next day and I’m loathe to change up my routine and risk interfering with it!

However, I bit the bullet and went for it. I was worried at first I would find the pillow too hard as the night went on, but to my surprise I got to sleep quickly enough and went on to have one of those wonderful nights when you just sleep right through. What bliss!

And so it continued through the week. I definitely noticed I’ve been moving around a lot less during the night – not having to bunch up my pillows like before is making quite a difference; I now realise how much that had been interfering with my night’s sleep. Sleeping through with no awakenings makes for a really high quality sleep and feeling absolutely great the next day!

Stylonylon | TempurThe Verdict?

So yes, I am a convert – say hello to a blissful eight hours of deep restorative sleeptime! I’m glad to say I’ve finally found a memory foam pillow that works and am now thinking a lot about how good the mattresses might be – so yes, mattress shopping is definitely next on the list!

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Stylonylon | Tempur

Stylonylon | Tempur

*This post is a collaboration with TEMPUR® but all thoughts my own.