Fashion Bloggers: What Camera?! Girl in The Lens

Stylonylon - UK fashion blogger - Girl in The Lens

For the second in my new series Fashion Bloggers: What Camera?! I’m thrilled to bring you Natasha Footman from Girl in The Lens

One of my favourite UK bloggers for her steady stream of sweet styling and gorgeously shot posts, not only is Natasha successful and much-loved as a fashion blogger (and the UK’s answer to Fashion Toast’s Rumi Neely – don’t you think?), she is also a novelist with her debut Young Adult novel, The Elites, to be published in the autumn (see her author blog).

Here, Natasha takes a few minutes out of her busy schedule to answer a few photography questions and share her top outfit post tip – this is one I’ll definitely be trying out. And let it be noted, I am extremely jealous of her and Callum’s 50mm f/1.2 lens, responsible for all that gorgeous blur. Keep up to date with Natasha’s latest blog posts and book news on Twitter here.

What camera and lens do you use for outfit posts?
A Canon 5D and a 50mm f/1.2 lens.

Can you tell us why you use this particular equipment and what you like about it?
We’d been using a Canon 60D previously, which is great, but the 5D offers a dizzying level of control, and it just makes editing photos so much easier. The lens is super sharp too.

Who takes your photos?
My boyfriend Callum, who runs the blog with me. He’s amazing! I keep telling him to do photography professionally (he’s been getting requests through the blog for weddings and fashion shoots) but his job takes up so much time he just can’t fit it in right now. Hopefully in the future …

Can you share one top tip for shooting outfit posts?
Shoot at waist height when doing full lengths. Callum crouches down in the street to do this. It makes such a difference, making the person you’re shooting appear taller, but also framing them better in the shot and giving a better perspective.

Stylonylon - UK fashion blogger - Girl in The Lens Stylonylon - UK fashion blogger - Girl in The LensStylonylon - UK fashion blogger - Girl in The Lens