Thinking Suit Jackets

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One of my favourite suit jackets for men is this one by Hugo Boss. It’s a little worse for wear these days…

First worn DJing a rooftop fashion party in New York which got things off to a good start. It’s something about the way the shoulders sit so perfectly flush and the it follows one’s shape down perfectly to waist and hips. It’s just a winner really. I keep thinking we should go out and replace the whole suit, but there’s something weird about that, like when you by the same piece of clothing in two or more colours, it takes the magic away. I’ve been guilty of this in the past and have learnt my lesson.

Having said that, I am currently wearing a pair of black flip flops which are identical to my last pair which broke (never had flip flops do that before, have you? The thong just broke. Obviously I tried gluing it back together but no joy.) And while I couldn’t tell this pair apart from their predecessors and they serve exactly the same function, there’s something not quite the same, they weren’t the pair I fell in love with. Do you get the same thing? It’s funny how we invest possession with so much meaning. Clothes are prime for it, the things you do and see when wearing them. Who doesn’t remember what they were wearing on a first date, the night they fell in love…

So, the suit jacket. I think we’ll just have to keep going with this one until every single stitch has fallen out. You can see the whole suit in model perfect action on the gorgeous James Rousseau in the video below (yes, yes the very same James Rousseau I interviewed here on the blog earlier this year, he is a fine musician as well you know!). Ignore the silly voiceover, the rest of the video is hot!

Beyond the suit, Hugo Boss also does a nice range of plainish mens watches (I’ve got a thing for these at the moment) and some pretty nice belts too. While we ladies can get in on the watch action – masculine watches on slender wrists are just so perfect I think I’m ready to return to watch wearing! – unfortunately the lovely minimal style belts will probably come in a little too big. Sigh. Never mind. And although their boxers are of the very branded variety, I’ll forgive them on account of their excellent black suits and the beautiful men they put in them!