T-Shirt As Dress – Stella McCartney

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A girl at the station today was wearing just a long white vest as a dress and ankle boots. She looked awesome… 

Which got me to thinking about developing an early autumn look based on this. So check out the above, all Stella McCartney, so expensive and just a maybe-one-day kind of moodboard, but hey, what strong pieces she has. And not just formal minimalist trouser/jump suits. These pieces have cute personality and faux suede and leather really does feel like the way things should be going. The boots definitely appeal to my ugly shoe love and would be a perfect Ugg replacement – what, I haven’t told you yet what a sheepskin boot devotee I am? Uh-oh, and here’s autumn right around the corner…

I think if you’re a taller girl this is the kind of look you could pull off quite easily, I might struggle with it – being on the petite side, the t-shirt would have to be just the right length. But I recently cut the hem on this vest dress and that worked out just fine. What do you think of this look? Would you wear it?

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