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Mason Cash green hedgehog bowl | Kitchen Craft silicone cake cases | Baking | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

Come the rainy weekend, how about a little baking to lift the spirits? We received some lovely baking bits and pieces for Christmas to get us on track. My husband loved baking with his mum when he was little, so we thought we’d start getting Gus into it too!

I’ve got out of the habit, I must admit. I used to make flapjacks, shortbread, scones, chocolate tarts and cakes (apple, date and walnut, my specialty) on a fairly regular basis. But, hat in hand, I’ve done the bare minimum since Gus came along ie. birthday cakes. Such a shame, as there’s something so heart-warming and soul-nourishing about mixing up a recipe, getting it in the oven and luxuriating in the delicious smells wafting through the kitchen.

Not to mention the devouring with a  cup of tea – am I the only person who must have a cup of tea to enjoy something sweet. Sort of realised this on Sunday when we popped into Clapton cafe Cooper & Wolf and bought up all the cake they had left and I sat there waiting for my tea while everyone else dived right in…

I feel a little stymied for blogging cooking and baking as the main part of our kitchen lacks natural daylight, bah! So trying to create recipe posts that look as gorgeous as this one on Bleubird is a challenge. Bring me a kitchen flooded with light! Nonetheless, there are always ways and first of all, I need to choose a recipe. I’m dying to use the cupcake tray but I’m not a huge fan of cupcakes. What else could I use it for? Any ideas?

The bowls (larger cane & green hedgehog) were a present from me to the husband after I chose one for Lisette Loves as part of’s Christmas Secret Santa! The rest I’m not sure as they were presents, but here’s the 1920s style Tala cook’s measure and Kitchen Craft silicone cake cases.

Let me know if you’ve been baking recently – I need some recipe inspiration!

Mason Cash green cane bowl | Baking | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon Tala Cook's Measure | Kitchen Craft silicone cake cases | Baking | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon Mason Cash green hedgehog bowl | Baking | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon Tala Cook's Measure | Baking | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

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  1. We love baking in our family too….I baked with Mia (15) and Jonny (12) since being toddlers and they still bake most weeks. Use the cupcake tin for muffins High line with grease proof paper so you can get more mixture in. Yesterday Jonny baked blueberry crumble loaf from the hummingbird bakery book…yummy! X
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