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Olympus Pen E-P5 | Sarah Frances Kuhn strap | Stylonylon | UK fashion blog

Official for a few weeks now, in my new role as an Olympus Ambassador I took a trip to Hamburg (…)

This was to give a blogger talk with fellow ambassador Laetetia at an Olympus workshop. It was one of those whistlestop trips, super early start, straight into it, delicious food then falling asleep by ten – here’s a little tour of my incredible hotel room I posted. As well as chattering away incessantly about cameras, blogging and life with Laetetia, I did get the chance to snap a whole load of photos, and what better company to do this in than another blogger who totally gets why you need to meander down the street slowly enough to spot any cool details, who doesn’t raise an eyebrow when you ask for a couple of outfit shots and makes doing selfies at a cafe table feel like it’s totally normal while agreeing that what we do as bloggers is definitely not normal!


On our first trip out after our conference room talk, we spotted gorgeous little Cafe Kneipe which we made a point of coming back to the next day for juice and mint tea. Super sunny and relaxed, we chilled after exploring the nearby streets for photos. In the pictures you can see our tool of choice the Olympus PEN EP5, which is the main camera I use for my blog photography – check Laetetia’s breakdown of her photography kit here. My second camera is the little white PEN E-PL5 which I carry with my old OM manual lens mounted (so I don’t need to keep swapping lenses!) for those spontaneous moments I want to get super dreamy shots only achievable with a wide aperture of 1.2.

Olympus Pen E-PL5 & E-P5 | Sarah Frances Kuhn strap | Stylonylon | UK fashion blog

My cute little PEN E-PL5 and Laetetia with her EP-5 – over a year ago she was saying this is the perfect camera for fashion bloggers and she is so right. Wish I’d read her blog post about it at the time!

Cafe Kneipe | St Pauli | Hamburg | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOlympus Pen E-P5 | Sarah Frances Kuhn strap | Stylonylon | UK fashion blog

Our gorgeous PEN E-P5s (mine with Sarah Frances Kuhn strap and the amazing V-F4 electronic viewfinder)



On both days we were able to get out, explore and enjoy the sunshine. We were staying in the St Pauli district – Hamburg’s entertainment district, so a few interesting shop signs amidst the cool cafes, the odd art print shop and concept fashion boutique. The streets were full of street art, colourful bikes everywhere and pretty building fronts. We made a point of making it down to the water where there was the most incredible industrial shipping scene, but the waterfront is also treated like a walking promenade so quite buzzing. 

HamburgDiary4 Laetetia | Mademoiselle Robot | Olympus Pen E-P5 HamburgDiary9Julia | Stylonylon | Olympus Pen E-P5 | UK fashion blog OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA HamburgDiary18 HamburgDiary19 HamburgDiary24 HamburgDiary25 HamburgDiary27 HamburgDiary28


I mentioned before that we stayed in quite the most fabulous design hotel – East Hotel – where the workshop was taking place and we gave our talk. Truly a gorgeous boutique hotel with some pretty impressive interior decor, see the dining room below. The food was amazing obviously – we had an incredible buffet lunch on arrival followed by gorgeous brownies, a barbacue out on outside terrace in the evening with dizzying cocktails and the perfect breakfast – hotel breakfasts are  always my favourite!

Hotel breakfast | East Hotel | Hamburg | UK fashion blog | StylonylonEast Hotel | Hamburg | UK fashion blog | StylonylonEast Hotel | Hamburg | UK fashion blog | StylonylonJulia | Stylonylon | Olympus Pen E-P5 | UK fashion blogOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Laetitia | Mademoiselle Robot | East Hotel |Hamburg

I hope you’ve enjoyed this visual diary (love this term, nicked from Laetitia!) and do let me know if you have any techy camera questions about the EP-5 and E-PL5! A big thankyou to Olympus for having us at their workshop and stayed tuned as there’ll be a lot more exciting things to come!


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