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ChristmasInspoIt’s getting a little closer to Christmas than I feel comfortable with! Despite my best intentions my present shopping hasn’t quite gone to plan. So, if, like me, you’re feeling the scramble, here’s a few ideas for the peeps in your life, everything under £50, apart from the camera!

1. Obviously you all know how hooked I am on the Pen cameras and the little Pen E-PL7 that came out in September really is a cracker (sorry, couldn’t resist!). Interchangeable lenses and wifi allowing you to transfer photos from camera to phone/tablet in such a beautiful retro design. A brilliant starter camera or perfect second camera to the DSLR luggers – read my overview here! £499

2. These Hush bedsocks are oh-so soft and cosy. And perfect for wearing inside heavy biker boots too. Love the little yellow detail poking out the top. £17

3. These are the best slippers I’ve ever had, by Mahabis. So sleek and minimalist looking, they come in two shades of grey with a rubber sole for housewear and attachable soles for outdoor wear. They’re snug on your foot with or without a sock. Love! Plus you get a 10% discount for signing up. £49.

4. Teapots. I’m a bit obsessed at the moment and they make such a lovely gift as they always earn and own their place among the crockery. Adore this clay Japanese inspired design by Whittards. £40

5. This tiny beaten rose gold mid ring is oh-so cute. And I really shouldn’t have posted it as there’s only 2 left! Well one, as I’m just about to buy the other. From Boticca, where there’s a tonne of brilliant gift ideas on the jewellery & accessories front – check out my Christmas gift guide here. £34

6. Fairisle gloves that leave your thumbs and forefingers free for phone action are inspired and these are made in a Scottish family-run mill, more than 150 years old. And they fit beautifully. £40 reduced to £32

7. I love the clean white line of heritage brand Falcon Enamelware. Durable and super well-priced. This mug, decorative as well as functional will most definitely not break the bank! £1.99

8. Truly this is one of the most gorgeous scented candles I’ve ever had the pleasure to smell. Pomegranate and peppercorn in a delightful little glass jar. £12

For more ideas, check out all the lovely tea packages at T2Tea and for some fun Christmas wrapping paper, create your own with your Insta and Facebook photos at – happy shopping!


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