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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAApologies for doubling up, I got a little over excited and pulled a couple of these pieces into yesterday’s outfit post. An outfit – despite it being a full top to toe – which I’m deeply in love with…

Urban Outfitters is a longterm favourite, one of those shops that I discovered in the early days of moving to London, treating myself every now and then to an intense shopping spree. The mix of cool brands, from affordable to the less so, the lifestyle bits and pieces and now furniture has kept me interested over the years. See online to check out their growing range of home pieces – the novelty object days are definitely behind us. So, I won’t go into too much detail as I covered this yesterday but the leather jacket and trousers, just awesome.

I’m always on the lookout for pretty non-underwired bras (is this technically a bralette, then?) and this is my first beautiful latte coloured one in fine quality. An afterthought when buying a coat from Pho.London. Too many desirable things on that site, beware.

Super cute tea infuser mug in grey and tea by Whittards – can never have enough tea and related paraphernalia! And the most gorgeously delicate ceramic vase, inspired by the plantlife on the Isle of Raasey, by Scottish artist Frances Priest (a gift from the brother-in-law, thankyou Hector, it’s beautiful!). The vases are limited edition, not sure where you can buy online, but some info here. Update: find the vase here!

The necklace is my new everyday wear. A beautifully delicate piece in rose gold which I fell upon when I went to check out new jewellery boutique Pärla at Boxpark. It’s by sustainable London jewellery designer EA Burns, a little shard that is exclusive to Pärla, so feels really special!

And lastly, one for the camera geeks among you, a purpose designed camera bag – sturdy with three useful padded compartments. This Lima design is a great fit for an Olympus Pen and lenses; I packed in three additional lenses plus viewfinder, memory cards as well as credit cards and keys. By Pompidoo, there are other colour combos, brighter ones (and bigger styles for DSLRs) but the more muted beige and blue suits me perfectly. Super useful for carrying kit around, especially if I want to take a range of lenses… Check them out here (this page is useful for seeing what will fit in one of the bigger bags) and I took some rooftop pics with the bag yesterday, so an outfit post coming soon!

We’re off to enjoy Victoria Park and a Sunday roast today, laterz.



Leather jacket* | Urban Outfitters

Nude bra | Pho. London

Trousers* | Urban Outfitters

Necklace | EA Burns at Pärla

Infuser mug & tea* | Whittard

Bag* | Pompidoo


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    1. Hi Frances, my pleasure, it’s so beautiful 🙂 ah that’s fab, Atlas tweeted me a link too & have popped in! Thanks so much, such a great gift, just the right thing for a wedding present I need to buy too! 🙂

  1. What a perfect Sunday feeling, Julia!! Thanks so much for featuring your lovely Lima camera bag. We hope it’ll see lots and lots of your gorgeous images 🙂 xx

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