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Why is French fashion so good? Or maybe why is Brit mixed with la Francais so good? I am of course thinking the iconic Jane Birken who has in one way or another inspired this whole outfit… 

Effortless, cool, beautiful, what we all crave at any age – referencing this as I turned the grand old age of 39 this month, and my age is something I’ve always kind of kept to myself and yet for the first time feel like talking about (post on that coming soon!). Maybe because the Birkin/De Magrait/Kate Phelan approach to dressing really is something can carry you through quite a few of the mid-decades; I think I linked Kate’s brilliant How To Dress at 50 article before, which is kind of how I want to dress now, nearing 40. But back to the outfit…

The straw basket – paying homage to Birkin-esque hot summers in Paris picking up your fruit, coffee and croissants for the day when you just got back from the beach or French hills the day before. I love a straw basket because it totally nulls the need for an expensive statement handbag making it the whole look just so much cooler, less contrived, carefree and not wannabe. So important are these to your summer wardrobe – I have three on the go at the moment and just ordered a fourth – I’m going to do a shopping edit next today!

The jeans – utterly obsessed with current day Jane Birkin, it girl Jeanne Damas and her design collection Rouje, which is so practically sold out. But I managed to snag these perfect mid-waist, straight jeans that even one better than the brilliant Topshop version because the denim is that much better quality. Sizing, ok, these are quite a snug French 34 for me I will admit so I also bought a darker wash in a 36 for when I want looser.

The sandals (on sale!) – more French cool from wardrobe classics builder Isabel Marant and these I found on sale half price at the Redchurch Street branch of Aime London (where I bought the Souer basket bag and where the staff were super friendly for the record; apparently the staff at the west London branch aren’t as nice I’ve been told, so hurrah east London!) and bought a size smaller, which was probably a mistake. Although they fit okay to the eye the strap will need to stretch before they are truly comfortable, eep! I think a half size would have been perfect, they have some sizes left in the sale here!

The top – omg, I have shied away from patterns for at least a year now and yet somehow blue florals have creeped into my summer 16 life. The Rouje top, plus shirt, plus cutesy dress from Realisation are all killing it with the blue florals. Red not being my colour, blue is just the thing.

Leather jacket – an old friend now, I think from a couple of years ago by Urban Outfitters, a style they have kept running (but sadly sold out now, similar here!) because it really is perfect. A bit oversized on the shoulders (great for jumper wearing when it’s colder) is how I like it, really hate fitted snug leather jackets, it just kills the whole vibe.

Anyway, outfit deconstructed and really one of my favourites this month! Now to that basket bag shopping edit. Stay tuned! (Update: This is now up!)


Jacket | Urban Outfitters (similar)

Top  | Rouje (in stock)

Jeans | Rouje (in stock in some sizes)

Sandals | Isabel Marant

Basket bag | Souer

Necklaces | Missoma & Blue Billie

Sunglasses | Finlay & Co

Camera | Olympus Pen F & 17mm lens

Camera strap | Sail Handmade x Stylonylon

Photography by Kip Photography

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