iphoneography – Insta-Holiday Summations

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We’re back! It was such a special trip this time, I wanted to remember it and what better way than through my iPhoneography/Instagram a̶d̶d̶i̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ habit. (Come follow me on Instagram here!)

It was such a good trip, I think it reset my head. A mixture of the little one having just turned one, my birthday, incredible weather and a sense of… I don’t know, magical renewal of some sort. I have an inkling that it might be to do with having got through the first year of motherhood relatively unscathed and that maybe I’m started to relax a little – trust me, from the moment that little being appears you going into mental and physical emergency survival mode 24-7 – but I’m thinking that headset is easing up a bit and it feels so nice. Remembering the more free and relaxed person I was before and trying to get back there. So to summarise…

1. First day sun-bathing. It was actually too hot to sunbathe for longer than 15 minutes at a time and the kind of heat you get a tan without actually having to prostrate yourself. Win.

2. Experimenting with shooting into the sun.

3. Our oh-so beautiful (but poisonous) oleander tree.

4. My sun spot. We picked up two of these gorgeous sun-loungers at a nearby Sunday flea market last year for an absolute song.

5. Don’t know the name of this pretty little flower, but love the ‘star sticker’ inside.

6. Outfit post in a neighbouring field where I got shouted at! Eek!

7. My DIY distressed chair, first stage sanded down!

8. Errant sheep (one of three!) who ate my lovely white roses at the front of the house.

9. The sunset, the sunset.

Stylonylon - Instagram - UK fashion blog

1. Birthday lunch on the beach at fantastic fish restaurant Dois Passos in Quinta da Lago.

2. The uh-mazing tiger prawns in garlic, lemon, chilli and more.

3. Shadow stalking.

4. Lovely birthday prez from the parents.

5. Temporarily dead plants patterning white wall.

6. Zara sale goodies.

7. Another gorgeous birthday present.

8. Happy dance.

9. Cool auction house where we picked up some old chairs for a top bargain.